Spiritual Perfume Oils, Perfume Essential Oils & Spiritual Anointing Oils

Spiritual Perfume Oils, Perfume Essential Oils and Spiritual Anointing Oils! Welcome to Erzulie’s spiritual perfume oils, perfume essential oils and our renowned spiritual signature perfume oils collections!

Here is Erzulie’s exclusive collection of our Signature perfume oils, Voodoo Goddess perfume oils, Vodou God (Lwa) anointing oils and powerful Conjure perfume sprays. Please browse our selection and learn more about our exquisite, pure essential oils and magical perfume elixirs.

Erzulie’s spiritual perfume oils are  handcrafted by highly experienced perfumers, who are also caring and initiated Vodou Practitioners, with pure essential oils, rare attars and precious absolute essential oils, then properly ritualized to bring the spiritual and magical energies into each perfume oil blend to draw love, success, healing and intuition into your life.

Erzulie’s exclusive spiritual perfume oils collection includes:

~ The Signature Line of  L’Art du Vodou Parfums Magiques

  • Seduction, Abundance, Intuition & Renew Perfume Oils

~ The Vodou Goddess Collection

  • Erzulie-Freda, Erzulie-Dantor, LaSiren & Manman Bridgette Goddess Perfume Oils

~ The Vodou God (Lwa) Anointing Oils

  • Papa Legba, Ogoun, Simbi & Baron Samedi Lwa Anointing Oils

~ Conjure Collection

  • Vodou Amour, Vodou Esprit & Vodou Maitresse Conjure Perfume Sprays

All of Erzulie’s spiritual oils, essential oil perfumes and magical perfume oils are conveniently showcased together in this Spiritual Perfume Oils, Perfume Essential Oils & Spiritual Anointing Oils section. As with everything at Erzulie’s these exquisite, magical elixirs are hand-blended using the finest, most precious, pure essential oils including Rose Ottos, Sacred Attars, Rare Absolutes and Aromatic Essential Oil Blends created by the Root Queen herself.

Our exquisite spiritual perfume oils and elixirs, spiritual perfume anointing oils and perfume sprays are handcrafted using powerful formulary to bring these magical energies into your life.  Simply apply your spiritual perfume oil or perfume sprays as you would any perfume.  Our perfume oils are crafted to work together or individually as well, so feel free to use as many spiritual, perfume essential oils and exquisite elixirs as you wish.

Erzulie’s perfume grade precious, essential oils are purveyed from master distillers around the world, using rare plants, flowers, herbs and roots renowned for their magical properties, exquisite scents and best capture the essence of the Divine Voodoo Spirits.

With the rare, precious and exotic pure essential oils hand-blended into our Spiritual Perfume Oils, Perfume Essential Oils and Spiritual Anointing Oils lines at Erzulie’s, you will find these spiritual perfume oils are very potent, aromatic and long-lasting with powerful magical energies.

Scroll down to read more about our Spiritual Perfume Oils and Magical Perfume Essential Oils exclusively at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.

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