Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

© Copyright 1999 – 2024. All product lines, content, concepts, designs, product titles, product creations, formulary, copy, artwork, product names, photographs and all material contained within the website and the retail store location are the sole creation of Erzulie’s, Inc. and/or it’s exclusive suppliers and federally trademarked with nationally registered copyrights – all on file. Anyone who reproduces our products, product names & purposes, written copy, images, content, artwork, designs, photographs or any of the material contained within the website or retail store location without express written consent from Erzulie’s, Inc. will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law both domestically and internationally.


  • We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime, including in-store or online transactions.  Further, our Legal Counsel insists we place the following disclaimer: All items are sold as curios only. We cannot guarantee results nor take any responsibility for the outcome of using magical products. These items are for spiritual, faith based or curio purposes only and must be over 18yrs of age to order from Erzulie’s, Inc. or obtain parental consent. You must be over 18 years of age to enter Erzulie’s, Inc. retail store unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult who must consent to be legally and financially responsible for the acts of the minor they are accompanying within the store.  No minor unattended by a responsible parent, guardian or adult will be allowed within the retail location of Erzulie’s, Inc.
  • Erzulie’s, Inc. provides services all products and provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranties and refunds of any kind, either expressed or implied.  Erzulie’s, Inc. makes no warranty regarding the operation of the website, retail store or any information or other content on it or in the retail location, on any service or products provided through or in connection with the website and/or retail location. Erzulie’s, Inc. expressly disclaims any and all warranties and refunds, express or implied by including, but not limited to any warranties as to the availability, products, content, accuracy, completeness, or information which are part of the website and retail store.
  • Erzulie’s, Inc. and any of its affiliates, dealers or suppliers are exempt and not liable for any indirect, special, incidental, unforeseen or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, accidents, illness, Acts of God, negligence, loss of profits, litigation, or the like), whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages or proper use of items sold through the website and/or retail store location.
  • Erzulie’s, Inc. services and products are sold “as is” with no warranty for the Voodoo spells, Magical rituals, Voodoo rituals or any spiritual services provided on your behalf or the use of any magical item, oils, elixir, fetish, doll, psychic reading, astrology chart, numerology report, custom ritual, Witchcraft ritual or charm that you will receive. By purchasing Erzulie’s, Inc. services and/or products you agree to and accept this disclaimer.
  • All benefits those receive from the use of our magical products are based on the faith and conviction of the believers, since people have varying levels of faith, belief and spiritual connections and/or religious traditions, results and outcomes will vary. By purchasing Erzulie’s, Inc. services and/or products you agree to and accept this disclaimer.



  • Effective September 2019, ALL PayPal and Credit Card transaction fees are non-refundable per their new terms of use policy. All PayPal and Credit Card transaction fees are non-refundable to either buyer or seller, should your order be cancelled or reversed for any reason per their Sept. 2019 updates. Their fees range from 3.5%-5.0%.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any order from unconfirmed accounts or accounts that have been flagged as suspicious by the credit card gateway.
  • We accept cancellations on products and psychic readings only,  if you notify us within one (1) day (24 hours) of placing your order.  All other services are non-refundable,
  • You will receive the amount remitted, less the above processing fee.


  • We truly want you thrilled with your handcrafted spiritual products from Erzulie’s, however, due to the nature of our handcrafted, organic, perishable and ritualized products, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any product, with the exception of unopened, returned as non-delivery status per the USPS only.
  • This happens when a shipping address is invalid or you made an address error when placing the order.   In which case, you will receive a partial refund upon receipt of the returned items in original condition, less shipping and handling fees and a 15% restocking fee on the items.
  • Please make sure you leave a valid address or respond to the delivery notifications left on your door provided by USPS or Local Post Office, or you will only receive a partial refund should they return to sender.
  • The package returned to us by the shipping service directly (not the client) and must be unopened and un-tampered to receive a partial refund; if it arrives opened, tampered or altered in anyway, it will be documented and shipped back to you.
  • Credit card, PayPal or Cash refunds are not available for any product after delivery or that have left our location, opened, used or altered in anyway.
  • We will not accept any returned shipments if you changed your mind, decided in a few weeks you don’t want the handcrafted item(s), or decided you don’t want to use the item(s), or any other reason.
  • Please choose your products carefully as they cannot be exchanged, returned, refunded or revised in any way.


  • Although extremely rare, in the event the wrong product was shipped to you in error, please notify us within 72 hours upon receipt.
  • Ship back to us with delivery confirmation to:  Erzulie’s, Inc. 1000 Bourbon St., Suite #361, New Orleans, LA 70116 address for a full exchange.
  • We will refund any shipping costs you incurred to the payment method you used to place your order.
  • We will priority ship immediately at our expense the correct items in your order, plus a little lagniappe for the inconvenience.
  • Exchanged items must arrive unaltered.  If it arrives opened and the contents tampered with, we will photograph your items and email you the image to explain why this cannot be accepted.
  • To notify us of the error, you must contact us via email: support@erzulies.com with your product information & relevant details and we will priority ship your correct product out immediately.


  • Orders cannot always be revised once they are placed due to the handcrafted nature of our items.
  • If there was an error, please email us: support@erzulies.com ASAP, and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.
  • We are not allowed to revise orders once you have placed your completed order due to banking regulations. Your order must match the checkout receipt but we will absolutely try to help!
  • We take extraordinary care in packing each order with plenty of secure shipping supplies (bubble wrap, heavy shipping boxes, peanuts, etc.).
  • The package is fully sealed and inspected before the USPS will receive the shipment to insure perfect condition.
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by the shipping service & highly advise you opt for additional insurance.
  • If your item arrives rifled, damaged or tampered with in any way, you must file a claim with the USPS at your local post-office.
  • Once the package leaves our hands and after inspection by USPS for secure shipping guidelines, it is no longer under our control and you must deal with USPS.
  • To learn more about USPS and their local offices, please visit  www.USPS.com.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All items are shipped at the Buyer’s risk. You are placing the responsibility of your products in the hands of shipping companies, who have the legal right to open and look through your package.
  • For more information please read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy


  • With regard to psychic reading sessions, we observe a 24 hour cancellation policy.  There will be no refunds, rescheduling or credits of any kind should you fail to show during your scheduled time.
  • To provide your cancellation up to 24 hours before your scheduled time, please email support@erzulies.com  so we can reschedule your session.
  • We consider all no-shows for scheduled psychic reading appointments as services provided by Erzulie’s, Inc. since our practitioners are available during your scheduled time as you ordered.
  • If you failed to show, our Practitioners are still compensated for their time made available for your scheduled appointment.
  • If you are late for your session, we unfortunately cannot always extend the time, so as to not inconvenience the clients scheduled after you.
  • If you ordered a live phone session, we call you at the number you provide, except for those clients outside of the US.
  • International clients must call the assigned number we send you, as we do not call overseas or international numbers.



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Credit Card Order Policy: 

  • Erzulie’s, Inc. adheres to ALL merchant account guidelines. Certain Credit Card Issuing Banks require us to ship orders over $250.00 to the  Card Holder’s Billing address.
  • Their policy is to protect consumers from fraudulent transactions due to stolen or cloned credit cards, and implemented automatically by the card issuing bank and their merchant gateway.
  • Please email support@erzulies.com if you have different shipping requirements on large purchase so we can assist with other payment available options.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime, including in-person or online transactions if fraud detection flags are triggered.

Secure Order Policy:

  • For security purposes, ALL ORDERS OVER $500.00 are processed through confirmed PayPal accounts only.
  • Unconfirmed or Non-verified accounts may be automatically voided by PayPal at their discretion.
  • You may mail a Money Order if that applies to you ~ see Mail Order instructions below.
  • Effective September 2019, ALL PayPal and Credit Card transaction fees are non-refundable per their new terms of use policy.  They will no longer return their transaction fee portion of 2.5%-5.0% to either buyer or seller.
  • 2.5%-5.0% of your transaction amount will not be returned by PayPal, nor your Bank in the event an order is cancelled by you. Please see our cancellations policy below.
  • NOTE: If the banking industry changes their non-refundable fee policy, we will remove this notification.
  • Debit Card Users:  Please check with your bank on their “temporary authorization funds” hold policies.  If your card or order attempt was declined  your bank may STILL WITHHOLD THOSE FUNDS for several days.  You must contact your bank to inquire as to their policies on releasing their temporary hold of your funds.

Phone & Mail Orders:

  • Phone Orders: email support@erzulies.com with your items and phone number, we will call you back to assist immediately.
  • Domestic Mail Orders: please Click Here to learn how.
  • International Mail Orders (outside USA): please Click Here to learn how.



Erzulie’s, Inc takes great care to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this website, in the retail store, the opinions of the staff, vendors, suppliers, analysis and contents provided, which are based on information and sources, from those trained or disciplined in our spiritual tradition(s) and we believe to be reliable although are not guaranteed. Information on this website and/or retail store may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Erzulie’s, Inc. shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained at this website and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within this website. In particular, your decisions, life choices, medical choices, medical remedies, spiritual decisions, and the like should not be relied upon or based upon our website, product descriptions, spiritual services or retail store content as the sole source of reference in relation to the subject matter. Erzulie’s, Inc. and it’s suppliers do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the products, pictures, information, copy, text, graphics, images, links, informational pages or any other content or materials contained within the website or the retail store location.

Erzulie’s, Inc. reserves the right to alter, remove, include, expand, adjust and revise all products lines, content, formulary, ingredients, pricing and make changes to the website or retail store products described therein at any time without notice. Should there be any revisions to the materials contained within, they are still subject to the Copyright and Trademarks laws and polices in affect.

Erzulie’s, Inc. reserves the right to deny services and products and all materials contained within the website and retail store location without notice at any time. Further we reserve the right to deny entry into our retail location without prior notification.

Erzulie’s, Inc. cannot attest to the security of transmitting data through any servers or the world wide web, therefore, we cannot provide complete guarantees to the privacy of your transmissions, terminal, programs or gateway when accessing our website and the contents contained therein. We do not consider any data to be private nor inaccessible when we are the recipient of digital transmissions.


This site is owned and maintained by Erzulie’s, Inc. with headquarters located in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States of America and all parties are subject to the laws of the United States. If any dispute arises out of this agreement, then all parties agree that any dispute will be resolved within the jurisdiction of the State of Louisiana and must be brought to a state or federal court within the State of Louisiana. Any and all disputes must be brought to the agreed upon venues within the State of Louisiana within one year of written notification of dispute. Further all parties agree that to access this site from outside the United States, you do so on your own behalf and are responsible for compliance with United States local, state or federal laws. If any part of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that best matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in effect. By purchasing any product or services from Erzulie’s, Inc. website or retail store location, you have agreed and accept the governing jurisdiction laws and validity of all disclaimers and policies contained within.


Your privacy is very important to us. Erzulie’s, Inc. adheres to a very strict privacy policy and understand you are placing a great deal of trust within our organization to not violate your privacy, identity or past purchases, therefore, Erzulie’s, Inc. will never share customer information, ordering information, emails or postal mail address, phone number with anyone at anytime with the exception of internal staff members who may need to contact you about your purchases or services. Further, we adhere to a Spam Free email policy, nor do we send unwanted postal mail or email at anytime. Any notifications sent via postal mail or email is solely through the newsletter function, usually sent quarterly, and we will remove you immediately should you notify Erzulie’s Inc. in writing you no longer wish to receive our website or retail store updates.
The Information We Collect & Use Information

This notice applies to all information collected or submitted to Erzulie’s, Inc. On some pages, you can order products, make requests and register to receive updates or sales material. The types of personal information collected at these pages are:

Full Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Email address & Phone Number

This information is required to verify your credit card information, obtain authorization to process orders or transactions, obtain the correct shipping address, billing address or to verify any transaction that has taken place within Erzulie’s, Inc. website and retail store location
Our Commitment To Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in Secure Socket Layers for all credit card transactions, Secure gateway systems to prevent and detect and financial fraud and have placed appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.