Perfume Oils ~ Seduction” Love & Passion Perfume Oils”


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Perfume Oils! Seduction, Intuition, Renew and Abundance Spiritual Perfume Oils,
Essential Oil Perfume Oils and Magical Perfume Oils exclusively at Erzulie’s
Voodoo in New Orleans.


Seduction Perfume Oils & Pure Essential Anointing Oils! We take no responsibility for making the one you desire powerless with our exclusive, sexy and exotic blend of pure essential oils & floral absolutes such as: Exquisite Ruh Gulab, Oak Moss Absolute, Superior Patchouli, New Caledonia Sandalwood & Exotic Cubeb, renowned for drawing love, passion, romance and sensuality into your life. Just apply our exquisite, magical perfume oils to your body and seduce the one you want, draw love, enhance passion and sensuality. 40ml Blue, Green or Clear French Twist Cap Bottle.