Baron Samedi ~ Conjure, Virility & Transitions Anointing Oils



Anointing Oils and Exotic Perfume Anointing Oils for Justice ~ Legal ~ Virility ~ Occult!  These smoky and ghostly “Voodoo God” masculine anointing oils represent the Ruler of the Cemetery & Life Transitions – Baron Samedi!  “Le Bawon” is another very powerful Lwa as he rules the Ghede, transitions of life & death and often considered the patron Lwa of New Orleans.  Baron Samedi is superb at legal battles, court, victory, justice, sexuality, major life transitions & bringing cash quickly! He brings enormous power to magic rituals and a fierce protector of children! Baron Samedi is known to be very wise & honest in his responses to those seeking his help. Wear this oil whenever you need Le Bawon’s divine assistance!  These earthy, bold and masculine precious anointing oils captures the very essence of our Baron; hand-blended in a base of Leather, African Musk & Bay Rum essential oil blends rounded out with Basil, Frankincense, Cedar, Violet Absolute, Shamana and Lotus Attars with top notes of Mint, Mandarin and Ginger pure essential oils then bottled with PURE .999 Sterling Silver! Truly Otherworldly! 1 Oz. Glass Roll-On Bottle