Perfume Oils~Intuition Psychic Spiritual Perfume Essential Oils

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Perfume Oils and Spiritual Perfume Essential Oils ~ our Signature Perfume Oils at Erzulie’s Voodoo.  Here is our exclusive collection of essential oil spiritual perfumes for Seduction, Intuition, Renew & Abundance spiritual perfume anointing oils. Erzulie’s spiritual perfume oils are  handcrafted by highly experienced perfumers, who are also caring and initiated Vodou Practitioners,  with pure essential oils, rare attars and precious absolute essential oils, then properly ritualized to bring the spiritual and magical energies into each perfume oil blend to draw love, success, healing and intuition into your life.  Scroll down to read more about our Spiritual Perfume Oils and Magical Perfume Essential Oils exclusively at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.


Perfume Oils & Spiritual Perfume Essential Oils! Intuition Perfume Oils & Pure Essential Spiritual Anointing Oils for Psychic Vision, Intuition & Meditation Rituals! Gain clarity, awareness, meditative and psychic enhancement with Erzulie’s mystical blend of pure essential oils and rare absolutes including: Organic Haitian Vetiver oils, Somalian Olibanum oils, Blood Orange absolute oils, Angelica Root absolute oils, Superior Ylang oils & exquisite Lemongrass oils renowned for bringing clairvoyance, attunement, awareness and prophetic dreams into your life. Just apply our exquisite, spiritual and magical perfume oils to your body like any perfume oil, especially during meditation or divination, to enhance your psychic abilities and intuition. 35ml Blue, Green or Clear French Twist Cap Bottle.