Erzulie’s Voodoo Testimonials

Erzulie’s Voodoo Spells, Love Spells & Psychic Readings Testimonials! Welcome! Here you can browse samples of actual clients’ testimonials from the past 20+ years. They wanted to share their experiences of how Erzulie’s Voodoo Spells, Psychic Readings and handcrafted Spiritual Products have improved their situation, and in many cases, how the Divine Spirits have changed their lives!

We selected a wide variety of experiences from the complete archive of thousands of testimonials since 1997. These are sorted by the last 10 years for your viewing convenience.  Please use your side bar or touchscreen to scroll through the entire posting! Many Blessings and we look forward to serving you!

2024 ~ “I wanted to say thank you to Anna & team and oh boy I love it already! The packaging was so Nice & pretty!! Thanxs guys I’ll will order my other ritual supplies and gris gris tomorrow.” T. Anderson, Macon, GA</P

2023 ~ “I wanted to say thank you to Anna for her patience and amazing reading . She made me feel so comfortable right from the start. It felt like I had known her forever. She was very patient with me and gave me accurate info and best advice. I really appreciate Anna’s honesty and kind heart. Thank you again Anna and many blessings to you.” Cynthia D., Brooklyn, NY

2022 ~ “Kind Greetings, Thank you for all your support and the kind gifts from Anna. A quick update. The hearing was today and considering what was against us it went so well … we feel grateful for the reading and the rituals you recommended – they absolutely helped! Again thank you and many blessings” Carol H., CO

2022 ~ “So much Love to you xoxo Thank you & Grateful for all you do. So glad I found you guys years ago! Big hugs❤️” Tiffany, MA

2022 ~ “I’m really nervous my friend. I’ve never had a reading done before because of my spiritual beliefs and I was scare to hear the unknown. I loved my reading w/ Anna. She put me at ease and saw everything. Thanks for being here for me.” LeMeisha L, Chicago, IL

2022 ~ “Hi Erzulies! I just made it home & recieved your gifts in the mail. Thank you so much i truly appreciate it. They are so pretty and I love the thought you put into each product and gifts you send. I know they will help with my rituals too. Thanks once again xoxox.” Betty B., Fla.

2021 ~ “Anna, I hope all is well, the uncrossing and antihex rituals have helped ALOT – made such a big difference in my life. There are some other areas that I wanted to look into with you too since everything worked so well for me, but wanted to say thanks so much😘!” Denise E, NV

2021 ~ “Hello my name is LaQuita in March I used your services to do a love spell on my love interest. Just wanted to give you an update. On the next Monday we hung out and for the first time in a long time. He seemed so happy to see me, and really opened up to my how he felt about me – I was so surprised, I couldn’t believe how great it was, and wanted you to know how fast that all worked too. Thanks for all the insight and help.” LaQuita, GA

2021 ~ “I just wanted to thank you for the amazing reading and confirm everything you said was exactly what happened. And thank you so much for all the free gifts…I can’t wait to use them..thanks for EVERYTHING!” Rony Q, London, UK

2021 ~ “Hi guys and thank you for everything you do. i just placed an order for a reading again, because I only want to work with Anna lol. Please let me know when her next open appt is. Thank you for ALOT❤️!” Eleni O, Buffalo, NY

2021 ~ “Hello I wanted to ask and thank the lady who did my reading yesturday…she was great and so patient. She explained things really great for me. Would it be possible to have her do another session for my sister? I loved working with her. She was so calming and tuned in. Thanks!” Latera L, Ohio

2021 ~ “Hello Anna and Happy New Year!! Just an update and perhaps some more work about going forward with my boyfriend! The items you recommended worked really well. He’s opened up so much, things are blissful and actually says that the discussion and thought of marriage no longer bother him! That is spirit healing us finally!” Maria P, Houston, TX

2020 ~ “Erzulies was truly sent to me by God himself.. I have been a emotional wreck praying that I would feel good because I’m usually a happy go luck person.. but I have learned about myself how to work on me and keep praying for my Love and I… I Got the spiritual tools I needed.. I can’t wait to call back in a couple of months and tell you what happened😘 Thank you for your patience with me.” D. Darrell, Atlanta, GA

2020 ~ “Hi Anna, Thank you as always for my order, the great psychic reading we just did and the free gifts. You are such a blessing. I am finding that I need to cleanse, sage and spray daily to stay balanced these days!! And thank you so much for the tank top every time I wear it I will think of you❤️.” M. Foxx, NY, NY

2020 ~ “Hi! Please thank Anna so much for the free gifts with my order! I always love opening my packages from Erzulie’s as she picks such cool items as gifts! I really appreciate it! My name is Lily!” Lily R., Tampa, FL

2020 ~ “I am very happy with my experiences here every-time I shop and come back and will continue to shop here for sure. I love the beautiful crafts and dolls they make, I cherish them very much. I am very thankful to Erzulie’s and their generosity they are always very kind in responding and helping me with any questions.” SP, Chicago, IL

2020 ~ “Anna the Root Queen and Erzulie’s Specialists, Thank you for my order it was delivered yesterday and we are looking forward to the goodness it will bring into our lives, it is very much appreciated. I would also like to thank Anna for the lagniappe / free gifts sent: necklace, skull and tea light candles, magnet, and worry stone. These are a nice special touch, as my order was for my daughter’s 30th birthday and a situation in life we are going through together as a family right now. Deeply appreciate all you do and thank you for being here! M. Perring, USA

2020 ~ “I cannot thank you enough, Anna and I’m so incredibly grateful. I remember last time we talked over the phone I was a big mess but I’m a lot calmer now and most importantly I have peace. I know I will be coming back to Erzulie’s because I cannot imagine how my life would’ve turned out without your ritual help. I would visit New Orleans soon sometime around March or April and I’d love to do a reading with you, I’ll call and make arrangements beforehand. Thank you so much again.” Monique, Pittsburgh, PA

2020 ~ “Thank you for my new voodoo doll she’s beautiful – I have the perfect place for her and could feel her love and energy without even opening the box. Thank you for the beautiful free gifts too! You guys are the best! Karen D., Ohio

2020 ~ “Erzulies! Thank you for the package! So excited to have dolls from your shop! Thank you again for the gorgeous dolls and extras!” Kelley, B., MI

2020 ~ “just received my package – yey. thank you for your prompt shipping and gifts. your cards and marketing materials are beautiful. i tell a lot of folks about you. hope you all are safe land surrounded by love. many blessings and gratitude!” S. Cohen, San Francisco, CA

2019 ~ “I’m so relieved and a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders knowing that what I was feeling was the truth. Anna’s reading was the BEST!!! Words cannot express how iam feeling right now. Wow!!!!! Speechless….. thank you so much Anna. And I will take everything you mention into consideration.” L. Starling, USA

2019 ~ “I have been coming back to Erzulies time and time again, sometimes just for some good advice other times for support in my life. I have worked with Erzulies [Anna] for around 10 years now, using products and services and always receive some sort of connection/answer/direction based on my needs.
I look at Erzulies [Anna] as a pen pal really, she is amazing, friendly, honest allows you to see what’s right in front of you when struggling at making a decision.
I waited a long time for something I was so desperate to happen, working with Anna eased the emotional torture and being patient helped me be a stronger soul, sometimes waiting is usually the best for you that’s what I found out, as everything aligned perfectly, it just took me around 6-7 years to realise, which is usually the hard part, but Anna helped me through it as much as she could.
I will always be grateful. Blessings.” Nadine H., London, England

2018 ~ “I reached out to Erzulie’s when I was very ill I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and there are many days that my body ache, fever, brain fog, and exhaustion get the better of me. I am now feeling so much better. The brain fog is gone and I have clarity again. The body ache has disappeared, also. I am feeling better every day. I would highly recommend working with Anna & Erzulie’s and turning to spirit when you are having an incredibility difficult time. Their work is very powerful and layer by layer the obstacles and ailments are removed.” Jan, Miami, Florida


2018 ~ “I’ve only been working with Anna and Erzulie’s for a short time (less than six weeks) and have a lot to learn about Voodoo and its powers. So far, I’ve gotten consultations, ordered rituals, and purchased several products. What I do know quite a bit about, though, is professionalism, running a business, and providing high quality products and customer service, and it seems Anna has mastered these areas. I run a small business working in the healing profession, working with clients who are in the midst of personal crises and pain. Sometimes, these people have no one else to turn to for listening, to offer hope, support, to share their fears and doubts. It can be draining on the one who is offering help, and sometimes people hurt so much that they lose focus of boundaries with respect to your time and resources. So when I look at how responsive, patient, and sincerely caring Anna has been with me, and realize that she gives the same amount of energy and personal attention to each and every client of Erzulie’s, I become overwhelmed. Anna is particularly gifted in that she offers me a vision of hope when I simply cannot see beyond the moment sometimes, so I know she does this for all her clients. But what makes that vision enduring is that she grounds her hopefulness in practicality and realism. You’ll get no “pie in the sky” promises from her, only a straight-talking interpretation of the magic and spiritual nature of this religion called Voodoo. I find her manner so reassuring. I’ve ordered several products from the store: dolls, soaps, oils and bath kits. I have been consistently pleased with the high quality of everything I’ve received. After using the soaps for weeks now, I’m lamenting the fact that I’ve spent decades purchasing those mass-produced, commercial soaps which have no intrinsic value beyond that which the advertisements tell you to imagine they have. I am reminded every day now, when using the spirit-infused soaps and other products that I’ve purchased from Erzulie’s, that everything has energy, everything has a spirit and is created with an intention. It’s a blessing to have items available that are undoubtedly created with the intention of offering love, healing and spiritual advancement. During those times when fear and doubt creep in as I wait for the manifestation of my rituals, I have only to reflect on the powerful healing I’ve experienced when using Erzulie’s products, because the products and services are from the same loving source. I’m looking forward to providing an update on the manifestation of my rituals. Until then, I’m convinced that Spirit is real, and so is Anna.”

2018 ~ “I had been scammed by so-called psychics after the break-up of my marriage ten years ago, and had decided there were no real ones out there. I swore to myself to never engage in that useless activity again. Two weeks ago, I was faced with another relationship crisis. This one affected me stronger than the one years earlier that had led me on a search for answers. This time, though, as traumatized as I was, I did my research, and found Erzulie’s. During my research, I did a Google search for each tarot reader website. Erzulie’s was one of them that had no trace of being a sham. I reviewed their products and information for hours, and found some that I believed applied to my situation — a sudden break-up due to energetic interference in my previously-blissful relationship. I ordered three items — the healing and protection spell kit, the banishing spell kit, and after some contemplation, I later ordered the lover return spell kit. The prices were reasonable, and I knew the testimonials were authentic, since I had already not found otherwise on the web. After a couple of days, I got the courage to request a reading. That was a day ago. Anna wrote me back immediately and said she had an opening right away. It was the first online reading I had done, and was a little awkward for me. The good thing about it, though, was that I could save the chat session for later review, which was what I did. Anna’s energy was calming, but she didn’t make outrageous claims about what spirits could do. She educated me about how Voodoo works, and referred me to resources on the Erzulie’s site. I felt reassured. Fast-forward 36 hours, and a friend reported to me what is currently going on with my ex-boyfriend and another woman. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING Anna told me in the reading turned out to be accurate! The interesting thing is, even though my friend gave me some potentially devastating news, I was able to keep relatively calm, because I kept reflecting back on what Anna had told me about the situation, and the likely outcome of the ritual work. I feel the energies already moving in the direction of healing, restoration and peace for me, even though I haven’t yet received my shipment. I’m anxious to get it, because I feel, without a doubt, that products will deliver the intended results, and I really want to feel better. Since my reading, I’ve written Anna quite a few times over the past 36 hours. She’s always responded immediately, and thoroughly. She tells me what to expect, she cautions me, and continues to educate me about this process. I’m excited to write more after my rituals have been completed. For now, just know that Anna “The Root Queen” and Erzulie’s are definitely the real thing. I’ve done the research, experienced it for myself, and can confidently highly recommend them!” Blessings, Traum1

2017 ~ “I had a great reading. The woman that gave me the reading was very pleasant, insightful and right on the button. She gave me a reading, I followed her advice and it helped me the very next day. I will definitely come back to this place next time I am in town. the shop is very pleasant and inviting. I didn’t feel that I was ridiculed while in the shop. I definitely felt good energy, there. Although in fun Orleans, please dont respect the craft by going into her shop drunk people! that is disrespectful and rude!” Cindy, NY, NY

2017 ~ “Anna! I just wanted to send you an update that the ritual work is seriously paying off. Not only have you been spot-on about practically everything (from struggles to eventually working my backside off), but I have become ultra-intuitive and focused. I can literally sense when some “energy” is off.. I feel so open to the universe. I finally re-connected with God and I’ve also been exploring other pathways to faith. The Lwa have really inspired me in a multitude of ways, and here’s how: -For one thing, I totally take your word for it when it comes to cleansing the self physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But what about house …err… fully? I realized during one of my spiritual text readings that I have been keeping “stagnant” energies by entertaining harmful relationships, negative self-esteem, and being a little piggy. Okay, a LOT piggy. It’s time to let this stuff go and let the demons take the subway. -Two. I constantly compare myself to other people and then make myself feel bad that I haven’t done this or that. Why did I do this to myself? It’s so important to accept yourself for who you are no matter what. I am so proud of going through all that muck. I feel so strong and determined to make things right for myself and others. I’m a rebel. -Three… I am such a pack rat. I can’t believe how much clutter I have. Ugh. I am so ashamed! I use your floor washes, some sage, your salts, and your sprays, even drops of the appropriate ritual oils. Whatever feels right to me. I cannot tell you how much of a difference “space clearing” makes. Although I haven’t been able to make a proper altar, I know I’m making a better place to honor the Lwa so that they don’t feel uncomfortable and I’m not as distracted. Clearing out all the old stuff is soooooo therapeutic. I was so stuck and now all the bad junk is slowly going away. Sometimes you do need to go through the most horrible experiences of your life to learn from them and move forward. I am beginning to discover my true path and it’s really brightening up the place. Remember when I said I’m an old man? (Don’t worry guys, Anna remembers EVERYTHING lol) I’m definitely starting to feel a lot younger again. And that venture I told you about? I built it from the ground up, even though there were so many roadblocks. I was even told I needed “professionals” and I didn’t know what I was doing. Yeah right, those dweebs. I thumb my nose at them! You can do anything you set your mind to– all those mommas and papas were right after all. Except they still lied about spinach. Have faith and practice it 🙂 … Wait a second now. You didn’t think I was going to leave here without actually saying THANK YOU, right? I love you guys! It has been such a blessing for all the patience, dedication, and faith you have put into my work, myself, and everyone here! I pray that God looks over you and your staff, and that you all are safe, prosperous, healthy, and happy! Blessings to everyone!” J. Lazarus

2017 ~ “I have bought Erzulies’ products for about two years, and i just want to say, that it really works, i use the prosperity soaps and charms, and at the end of the day what i really prayed to the God’s came true! Things are amazing and unfolding right before my eyes, it is truly amazing!”

2016 ~ ‘Erzulies is my favorite Voodoo shop in all of the French Quarters. I spent 5 days & 4 nights in New Orleans, and this is the ONLY shop that struck a cord within my core & spirit to want to get a reading, purchase items and to get a reading. Love my Simbi soap!!! Diane K

2016 ~ “Last year I had a relationship that I couldn’t let go, but we were facing such tremendous odds I never thought I’d hear from this person again. I ordered several spells to be cast for me by Anna & the practitioners at Erzulie’s, I also performed my own spell work with the lover return and obstacle removing spell kits from Erzulies. Before Anna was done performing the spell work, my lover started contacting me again, and that was amazing since it had been months since we had contacted each other. Over time we have healed much of our old wounds, and we now have a much more stable relationship than I ever pictured possible a year ago. The spells were effective. The blessings that have unfolded are far beyond what money can buy. Thank you so much for working on my behalf. It brings peace to my heart knowing that I have your services available to me.” G.J.

2016 ~ “Hi, I am speachless for the help I had from You …Everything has changed for good….no… for Great…I would never realise that I got back my Best Friend back after all the bad things I did and said… Well, I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND PATIENCE… Talk soon… I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST !!!” Mags, IE

2015 ~ “I had the most incredible reading with Anna, this past Thursday. When someone can read you this precisely, and know things about you that only you know…its just amazing. Anna has given me the best advice. Sometimes, we know what our issues are but dont have the tools to fix them, even though we desperately want to. I lost the love of my life because of some mistakes that i have made. I know that i am in good hands with Anna…she has helped me so much in the past, i know she will align things for me this time around also. I cannot tell you all how happy i am to have found Anna and Erzulies. Blessings and lots of love.” Charmed, OH

2015 ~ “Anna sees things, she’s always honest about what she sees and what she cannot promise. Using the guidance of the lwa, she gently told me that if changed paths in two major ways, I might find what I’m looking for–which led me to the arms of my soulmate. (I had never met him before, and didn’t know he existed until I took this massive leap). And now we’re about to get married in a few months! It’s been an exciting journey with Anna, and I really hope to meet her in person someday. Thank you again, Anna.” Anon, Kansas City, MO

2015 ~ “So, I would like to give a testimonial of the tarot reading I had with Anna. Right from the get-go, she asked if there was another woman in the relationship I was inquiring about. I said no, because I was certain there wasn’t. It came up once more during my reading. I blew it off but not even a week later, I found out from him that there IS another woman. I wasn’t surprised! I was actually relieved because I knew how to deal with it…so I ordered a “remove this obstacle” spell kit. I know this will work because the first spell kit I used, “bring my lover back”, worked like a charm. But you were right, it brought him back but didn’t change him! My favorite thing about the spell kits is that it takes so much of the pain away. It puts me in the drivers seat to an extent, I feel like I have the power to change my destiny. And more than once, I have begun working with your products to later realize that I want something different than I thought. Not with this guy, though, at least not yet.” G.J. Dallas, TX

2014 ~ “I have tried many products from Erzulies, including the rituals performed for me. After a recent break up, I decided to try to work things out with my ex. Through a very accurate reading with Anna, I found out that there was another woman in the picture. He confirmed this to me a week after the reading. I still wanted to make things work, so I had the “No other but me”, “Remove this obstacle” and “Lover return” performed over the course of two months. Let me say that I saw immediate results! My ex and I started communicating daily through email and phone calls although the other lady had not yet left the picture. Then, I got some even worse news about something that happened months before that he hadn’t mentioned, and immediately decided that I no longer wanted to work things out with this man. To say that I was heartbroken would be an understatement. I did not think I could face another day with the pain that I was feeling! I consulted Anna again and was given options. I decided to have the uncrossing ritual and the healing and cleansing rituals performed for me to cut my ties to this man. I no longer wanted the other ritual work to manifest! Well, the first week that all this happened, the ritual was also started for uncrossing and the second week for cleansing. I literally did not eat and could not sleep! Anna told me I must eat and sleep! The second week I stopped crying everyday, and would only cry every other day. I still felt so much pain! But by week three, something happened! My spirit was lifted! I began eating more consistently and sleeping through the night. I even stopped crying! I NEVER thought that I could come back from the pain I was feeling in less than three weeks. I no longer think about him every minute, or what he did to me. I am so happy and free! I know that the uncrossing and the healing rituals helped me tremendously to have such a quick recovery from the biggest heartbreak of my life. Thanks to Anna for caring about me as a customer, and and a person. Please believe that this stuff works!” Atlanta, GA

2014 ~ “Anna! After your accurate reading I had so much renewed hope. I am so unbelievably grateful for chatting with you tonight. I was so stressed over my job, the move, and my friend that I found it hard to eat. I had been feeling sick because of stress and depression. But in the few minutes it took to talk with you, my appetite returned and my headaches went away. Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to. Thank you for helping me pinpoint areas I need to work on. And thank you for helping me make up my mind on one of the largest decisions I have ever made in my whole life! I even printed up our conversation so I can read back and remind myself what I need to focus on. Before your reading though, I had one done a few weeks earlier with someone else. I was so disappointed and they were simply grasping for information but could not hit the mark. But you kept hitting the mark without me having to mention anything to you. You are just so remarkable! I can’t wait to get the chance to meet you in person. You are so compassionate and incredibly gifted. I am so grateful you came into my life when I needed to be consoled 🙂 ” Sincerely, Patricia

2014 ~ “Anna, First and foremost, thank you for your immediate attention to my challenge. I want to let you know that I had the privilege of speaking with Mambo Michelle tonight and wanted to share with you what a spectucular person she is, as I’m certain you know. Her guidance and insight, not to mention her compassion, was extraordinary. Although I might not have heard the outcome I desired to every challenging situation that I face at this time, I know I heard the truth as well as best advice. Wouldn’t it be lovely if life was so rosy that we did not need this coaching? The fact is, that it is, and I am grateful for the opportunity to receive helpful information to help form my decisions. Again, thank you for your attention to my concerns. I assure you, Mambo Michelle is exactly what I was anticipating. While I still have challenges, I feel I have some guidance as the best way to handle it at this point. Please share this with her as everyone needs a bit Hoo-Rah!” Karen, Orlando, FL

2013 ~ “Dear Anna, I just had to tell you thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I visited your store when I was in New Orleans to attend the Essence Music Festival. We talked briefly and you seemed to understand what negative vibes I needed to banish. You suggested the Banishing bath. Well, needless to say, I took it home, used it, and that negative person wrote himself out of my life script. He’s gone (thank God) and there’s no looking back! You now have a new faithful customer! Thank you!” Lorraine, a store visitor, Charleston, SC

2013 ~ “Dear Anna, Just wanted to let you know that the banishing bath wash ritual kit is really working. I started on Saturday and since then I have not had any worries that have been bothering me. Or when a problem has come up it seemed to just bounce off and I didn’t worry. My mom just passed away and I am not with the one I truly care about. These two things have really stressed me out. But since Saturday I have not had a daily cry or any worries, I feel like everything is working itself out!!! I feel so much needed relief it is unbelievable. I was not very sure if the bath ritual was the real thing at first but I will never doubt your products again!!!! Thank you so much for helping me pick out the right products.” DeWayna B

2013 ~ “Dear Anna, I have just completed the 9th day of my “Remove This Obtacle” spell. Things started being banished after the very first night of the spell. The obstacles between the man with whom I’m madly in love and me began to crumble immediately. I was looking for work here in a part of the country where jobs are exceedingly difficult to get. I had re-approached a company that had wanted me to come work for them last fall but chose instead to go elsewhere. They offered me the job over the phone—without having re-interviewing me. I will negotiate the money end on the first day of work, and I’m very comfortable with that. I know I’ll get what I want on that end. My confidence is solid and grounded. There are other obstacles that are also being removed—resources and people are popping in and out all over the place to make my wishes and desires materialize. Interestingly, the 8th day is when I realized that I still wasn’t being specific enough. I then asked for the specific job—and got it within 18 hours. This last night I again became extremely precise in what I want from the man with whom I’m in love as is he with me. I know that all of it will materialize easily and effortlessly. The interesting thing to me was how I changed and transformed throughout this process. Not only did the people and things around me shift, but also I shifted as well. Some of the changes I sought came about because the obstacles in me—not saying what I wanted from people who could assist me, for example—evaporated. I’m amazed. Thank you for putting together such a magical kit. You know, I’ve gotten used to doing this every night after midnight. I’m almost going to miss the routine—except that I’m not much of a night person. 😉 Anyway, I’m eternally grateful for you and your shop and your help. I would highly recommend your spell kits to anyone. Blessings!” Ana R. from California

2012 ~ “Dear Anna, I finished the custom spell ritual last week and it turned out just as you said it would!!! I’m much more relaxed,calm and not getting angry anymore, a little mad sometimes but it doesn’t last. One thing that I learned during the meditation was that I just cannot ask for something without putting some effort towards getting what I want. Just can’t ask the Lwa for something and expect them to give it to me. I would sit in a half lotus position during the meditation,usually 20=25 minutes; one night the meditation went well but the ritual did not work out at all as my mind kept wandering all over, I could not concentrate at all so I just stopped – but still thanked Papa Leba and Ogoun and left the offerings. The next nite was the opposite, during the ritual I was getting chills and it felt like I could feel spirit everywhere. Things have definitely changed for the better since the ritual, even the weather has gotten better and when it isn’t nice, it does not bother me so much. Thank you again Anna for all that you have done for me. Bright Blessings” Bob, NY

2012 ~ “Hi Anna, I was in your store this past Sunday and purchased some wonderful items. Since I was on vacation, I could not leave the store with everything so I decided on my purchase and thought I’d review your website later. I must express my deep appreciation for your beautiful products. They are exquisite and I can feel and smell the quality and vibrational purity in them. They certainly live up to the name of Erzulie! I am not a focused practioner of any one tradition, but rather have simply incorporated my devotion into an abstractly conceptual understanding of spiritual life. I have been curious about many traditions, and as much else in my life, have never picked one. I resonate to many, and therefore simply revel in the inquiry. It did not take many minutes to feel the richness and vibrational power within your store and its products. Wowee. Thanks!” Judy U., Nashville, TN

2012 ~ “Good Morning Anna, I wanted to thank you for your products. They where absolutly wonderful. I have completed the spell that I ordered; Bring My Lover Back I loved performing it! I soon realized that there was never a mental connection with this person and don’t really want this person back – ummm. I got played and I didn’t know that before I began the spell ritual! (This is an example of the spirits doing what is BEST for you by revealing some of the problems with the ex-lovers) Anyway, I really enjoyed the ritual and in time shall order more products too. I promised I would get back to you, to let you know the out come. Have a great day and thanks again.” Patrick Z., CA

2011 ~ “Dear Anna, My Papa Legba Doll has already worked wonders for me!!! Two days after I got him, I had received a call from work. I decided to go back to work at this large retail store, initially, they couldn’t officially hire me back until they talked to my references. And I had already waited a month because they couldn’t get in touch with them! I also have a long-distance relationship (he lives in Wales, UK) and I am trying to get over there this summer with a work-abroad program and Legba is doing wonders with all of this as well! XOXOXOX,” Susie, USA

2011 ~ “Hi Anna, Just a note to comment on the relationship we have been building over the past couple of months. The past year was horrible for me, career, love relationship and just personally had sunk to new lows…and I am a very happy, hopeful person. The last straw was when my long time boyfriend and I broke up…so I was searching one day…not for anything in particular on the web and found you. Thankfully I did! I first purchased some of your soaps, first, used the cosmic cleanse.. then I called the store to find out if I should have a reading or spiritual cleansing and whoever answered the phone was great! Then I had a reading from Kelly on my career…this was over the phone reading and gotta say…it was accurate with the past and funny how things are lining up for the current and the future of her findings. During the reading, I asked for solutions to rid myself of negative influences and she gave me some things I could try, if I wanted to…well the 7 Day Banishing Wash was great, actually very nice on my skin, the Papa Legba Doll, Candle Altar and Soap have been working very nicely actually…not excited about the cigar smoke…but he seems to love it! Can’t wait to see how he reacts to the 8 year old rum he is going to get. A few weeks later, I had a reading from you Anna, utilizing the Round Cards which I loved…very accurate for the past and I am hopeful that events align with the cards. This is probably going to be my medium for readings with you…it was very enlightening, exciting and overall, I am amazed at what you were able to gleam from those cards. Anyone who skeptical of this faith based religion, should try this reading first and foremost…especially if you are an online customer…. My next thing is to bring in money…so I have a Bring Me The Money Spell which I will begin on Thursday, of course, I will let you know how that turns out… I have also ordered the body glitter and looking forward to receiving those items…yeah. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and for anyone who needs a little help to understand what the future may hold for them and possible solutions to help the Lwas work with them…you, your staff and your solutions is the only place to go for help. I look forward to our quarterly readings together and hope to meet you in person soon.” J. Simpson…Dallas Texas – Webstore Customer

2011 ~ “Dear Anna: I have been very impressed with your site for some time now and have bought several items which are top-quality and very useful. Another thing that leads me to want to contact you is the many similarities we share…our organization is having its annual conference in New Orleans this year in May. It will be my first time in your city! I’m pretty excited. And I wanted to come into your shop and chat a while about spiritual development, rituals, etc. I want to make this trip spiritually meaningful somehow, and I thought you might be a good person to start the conversation with since we’re about the same age and I really resonate with your writing. I also want to schedule my visit at a time that will be convenient for you and will fit within the conference agenda. Anyway, looking forward to connecting soon. From one spiritual seeker to another, Thanks, Maria” TX

2010 ~ “Hi Anna, You are the best!!! Whether you know it or not from the very first time I emailed you in 2002, til this very day (which is spiritually amazing) you have helped me grow. I would love to repay you some day. I was seeking spiritually for things not known to everyone in 2002. It is now 2010, you still answer me, no matter what I ask, never disrespected or degraded me, you are the best spiritual guidance I have ever met and known throughout my 31 years. Blessings, N. Bailey (You are one of the sweetest people on the planet!!!!), Portland, ME

2010 ~ “Dear Anna, I had the most wonderful experience at your store a few weeks ago, while vacationing in New Orleans, and made some great purchases…and am looking forward to more from your store!! Your staff, your merchandise, your energy…all incredibly awesome!!! You are already a blessing in my life, and will continue to be so, I know!! Thanks again, and blessings to you!” Cynthia, Las Vegas, NV

2010 ~ “HI ANNA! My name is Melinda and I was drawn to you and your store during my last visit to New Orleans. My boyfriend Jeremy and I purchased some wonderful products to help with the healing of his mother who had breast cancer – Which by the way has completely left her body!!!! Thank you for your help Anna! I have some other issues I may need your help with….I would love to hear from you soon. Warmest Regards” Melinda, New Haven, CT

2009 ~ “Anna, This is J. Jackson, you may not remember me as I am sure you have many clients; You made me up a protection Gris about 4-5 months ago, as well as a personalized Gris for further protection from her and my former workplace. I have since moved to Indiana!!!! I shall say that I am divorced and you helped me a great deal, Anna. I am finally FREE! Many thanks!” J. Jackson, Idaho

2009 ~ “I LOVE YOUR STORE!!!!! Dear Anna, I was in your shop a few months ago and purchased many items. I have been very pleased. My friend and I came back to your shop for a few moments before going out on the town. You and the wonderful Hougan ( I cannot remember his name) were both there. He sprayed us with an attraction spray (Seduction Spray) before we left. We both had men surrounding us all night. Can you tell me the name of the spray and the cost? I love your store and your attitude toward life. Thank you Dianne W., Charlotte, NC

2009 ~ “A HUGE THANK YOU!!!! Dear Anna: I truly do not know where to begin. I heard about your store from a friend who had gotten married in New Orleans and visited your store and had nothing but great things to say about about it. So over the Summer I decided to do a search and try to find your website. Needless to say I found it and was very fascinated with the products and services you offered. Like many including myself at one time, I believe people get the wrong idea of voodoo since it is always presented as a bad thing in movies or books etc. I want you to know I purchased many of your money and success products and out of no where I thought of an invention which lead to making it a reality and now I have been in newspapers and I have manufacturers looking into it and I still cannot believe it. There is no doubt in my mind that I have been truly blessed with the help of your products and the spirits. I can’t thank you all enough. One day in the near future I will be fortunate to visit your store in person and I will Thank all of you for the wonderful things you have done for me.” Carolyn in NJ 🙂

2008 ~ “Dear Anna, I get a small break in August so I’m hoping to return there for a few days!!! I’ll definitely come by the store!!! I’d like to make the trip out there with friends instead of family because there’s just some things you can’t do when you’re with your parents… Anyway, I’ve been praising you to my friends especially the ones who are interested in tarot readings – you are the best reader!” Thanks, Jessica O, Las Vega, NV

2008 ~ “”Dear Anna, I wanted to thank you for the voodoo products that you sent to me. I ordered a voodoo spell kit for removing obstacles, a Papa Legba bracelet and a money soap. Everything smells wonderful!!! I am so pleased with my order – :)! Thank you so much! 🙂” Marie L., San Diego, CA

2008 ~ “Anna, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate all the time an attention you have given me since I first visited your store in March. Since that time I have purchased 2 readings (you ROCK and I have a lot to tell you!), a voudou doll, bracelet, spiritual bath, and an opening road candle. I can tell you this; the quality of your merchandise and services is fabulous I know when I purchase anything from your store it will be of the highest quality. The website is a great tool I have read every article you have I think. This has helped me learn so much and find other good links for research. Visiting your store opened me up so much and I am happier than I have been in a long time, plus I got past my writing block and have so many ideas I have to write them down for a later time. I know that the block was lifted by the healing bath and open road candle. Well I feel like I’m rambling so I want to show you my appreciation so we have sent you a gift to your store it should be there tomorrow (THEY WERE SIMPLY AMAZING COOKIES BTW!!!) I also have a special gift for Papa Legba and Erzulie-Freda. PS. I love my doll!!!!! I have a special place for him with the open road candle! Thank you, for everything I can wait to see you again at the end of October.” Dawn S., St. Louis, MO