Anointing Oils for Simbi ~ Magic & Prophecy Spiritual Oils

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Spiritual Oils and Anointing Voodoo Spirit Essential Oils ~ our famed Voodoo God Spiritual Anointing Oils at Erzulie’s Voodoo.  Here is our exclusive collection of Voodoo God essential oil spiritual anointing oils for Papa Legba, Ogoun, Simbi & Baron Samedi. Erzulie’s Voodoo God spiritual anointing perfume oils are handcrafted by highly experienced perfumers, who are also caring and initiated Vodou Practitioners, with pure essential oils, rare attars and precious absolute essential oils and blended with precious 14k Gold or .999 Sterling Silver for each Voodoo God!  These spiritual anointing oils are properly ritualized to capture the spiritual and magical energies of the Divine Voodoo God spirits into each anointing oil blend, to draw success, protection, magic, conjure and empowerment into your life.  Scroll down to read more about this Spiritual Voodoo God Anointing Oil and Magical Voodoo Essential Oils of the Voodoo Lwa exclusively at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.


Spiritual Oils, Anointing Oils and Exotic Perfume Anointing Oils for Simbi, Voodoo Spirit of  Magic, Prophecy, Divination & Conjure!  These mysterious and ethereal Voodoo God masculine anointing oils represents the Lwa of Magic – Simbi! Simbi is the very powerful water-snake Lwa and the Magi of the Vodou tradition. He is very helpful with all magical work, conjure, prophecy, divinations & granting psychic ability. He is known as the Lwa of the sweet waters, gentle in nature and usually lives near marshes, but brings an enormous amount of power to ritual work and used for conjure magic, accurate divination, enlightenment, clarity and prophecy! Wear this oil whenever you need Simbi’s divine magic!  These smooth, mystical and elegant precious anointing oils captures the very essence of our Magi; hand-blended in a base of Leather, African Musk & Bay Rum essential oil blends, rounded out with Rosewood, Cypress, Sage, Anise & Authentic Absinthe Absolute with top notes of Frangipani Absolute, Violet Absolute and Lemongrass pure essential oils, then bottled with PURE 24K Gold! Truly Magical! 1 Oz. Glass Roll-On Bottle.