Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans Voodoo

Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans Voodoo ~ A Glimpse into the History of our legendary Voodoo Practitioners

Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition.  A fun and informative glimpse into the history of the more legendary Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors that formed the unique and magical New Orleans Voodoo practice.   This sacred spiritual tradition is still heavily practiced today in both New Orleans and Louisiana. Note: the spelling of the word Voodoo in this section versus our articles on Haitian Vodou. This is to reflect the American influence on Voodoo as practiced in the new world.

This overview on the history of our Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans is not intended to provide the complete history of the development of the Voodoo tradition, as that would require volumes of information. Instead, we wanted to provide an educational overview on with the roots, myths, magic, and legendary practitioners who influenced the distinct New Orleans Voodoo tradition and formed our cultural heritage. Continue reading “Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans Voodoo”

About the Root Queen ~ Anna, Owner & Founder ~ Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo

This had to have been the hardest section to write on the entire site. What does one say about themselves? Do clients and customers even want to know about the founder & owner? I’m still not sure, but, given the numerous emails and requests from people asking me who I am, what is my background and how did I begin Erzulie’s, I felt compelled to introduce myself to anyone who wants to take the time and say hello! Continue reading “About the Root Queen ~ Anna, Owner & Founder ~ Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo”

Mambo Michele

One of our favorite practitioners and psychic readers, the famed Mambo Michele! Mambo Michele is a native of New Orleans reared in the Seabrook area of Gentilly Woods. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta. Mambo Michele has traveled extensively throughout the world and lived in Guatemala and Mexico for several years prior to her relocation back to New Orleans! Continue reading “Mambo Michele”

Vodou Priestess Mama Lola

Mama Lola the Legendary Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn

Spotlight and Photo of legendary Vodou Priestess: Mama Lola. We adore her at Erzulie’s Voodoo, and this was taken after a Voodoo Fest ritual in New Orleans. We have so many amazing photos of rituals and ceremonies with her over years and will post more as we update website of those glorious Vodou rituals. Continue reading “Vodou Priestess Mama Lola”

Kalila Katherina Smith

 Meet the “Face of New Orleans” as I affectionately refer to her! I introduce you to Ms. Kalila Katherina Smith this way, as you cannot miss her image on every single poster, billboard or tourist information center in New Orleans for Haunted History Tours, New Orleans Haunted History, New Orleans Ghosts and Haunted History Tours; companies she co-founded over 25 years ago! Continue reading “Kalila Katherina Smith”

Hougan Aboudja

Mark Alexander Moellendorf, also known as Hougan Aboudja, has been serving the Vodou mysteries of L’Afrik Ginea for many years, one of the world’s foremost experts on Haitian Vodou and one of our favorite Priests on the planet! Sadly, we lost our beloved Houngan on July 17th, 2012 ~ my heart is broken and will never heal from this loss ~ I know he will be with me and Erzulie’s always…

Hougan Aboudja & Anna of Erzulie's Voodoo
Hougan Aboudja and Anna Parmelee of Erzulie’s Voodoo ~ Hollywood, CA & Venice Beach, CA c. 2011

Continue reading “Hougan Aboudja”

Madrina Angelique Samedi

Initiated Palera & Santera, Priestess of Palo and Santeria

Meet one of our favorite Paleras around, Madrina Angelique. Madrina (or YaYa) Angelique is a highly skilled, initiated priestess with over 30 years experience in the Palo and Santeria traditions.

Read more about our beloved Madrina who handcrafts simply amazing magical Palo and Santeria products exclusively at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo! Continue reading “Madrina Angelique Samedi”

Aimee – Heka Egyptian Line Creator

More About the Ancient Egyptian Expert (Egyptologist) and Ancient Egyptian Magic Resources

Most of my aromatic work revolves around my deeper interests in the occult and spirituality. These interests have led me across continents in search of hidden wisdom, and they have spurred me into many related areas of work and research. The plant world is one of these areas, and is a fascinating and very relevant subject that I have found to be intrinsically a part of all spiritual paths, in addition to the more traditional use of plants for healing and well being. Continue reading “Aimee – Heka Egyptian Line Creator”