Madrina Angelique Samedi

Initiated Palera & Santera, Priestess of Palo and Santeria

Meet one of our favorite Paleras around, Madrina Angelique. Madrina (or YaYa) Angelique is a highly skilled, initiated priestess with over 30 years experience in the Palo and Santeria traditions.

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Madrina Angelique Samedi is a Tarot Reader and initiated Priestess since 1972. She is also Madre Nganga of Munanso Centella Ndoki Nkuyo Malongo Corta Lima Cordosa and Iyalorisha of Ile Ori Yemaya. As a Palera and a Santera, she practices a very personal form of Magick and Ritual. Born and raised in rural Georgia, Hoodoo was a way of life. She has also studied and practiced Wicca, New Orleans Style Voodoo, and Shamanism. Combining her artistic visions with her strong psychic abilities, she brings the Nkisi to life with her art.