Kalila Katherina Smith

 Meet the “Face of New Orleans” as I affectionately refer to her! I introduce you to Ms. Kalila Katherina Smith this way, as you cannot miss her image on every single poster, billboard or tourist information center in New Orleans for Haunted History Tours, New Orleans Haunted History, New Orleans Ghosts and Haunted History Tours; companies she co-founded over 25 years ago!

Erzulie’s is thrilled to have such an esteemed practitioner within our magical family and proud to offer her handcrafted European Witchcraft Magical Rituals and Authentic New Orleans Voodoo product lines, exclusively at Erzulie’s!

Kalila Katherina Smith was born and raised in New Orleans, studied and practiced several magical paths from the elders of this community her entire life. She personally researched and wrote the material featured on Haunted History Tours for the New Orleans’ Ghost, Vampire and Spellbound tours. She is the author of “Journey Into Darkness…Ghosts & Vampires of New Orleans,” and “Ghostly Gallery.”

Further, due to her extensive experience in the paranormal, ghost hauntings and spiritual expertise, Kalila is often sought out to be featured and work as an advisor behind the scenes on numerous television and film productions. You may have encountered her on such shows as Travel Daily, Places of Mystery, Secret New Orleans, Unsolved Mysteries, FEAR!, MTV’s On The Road, Blind Date, Hidden New Orleans, Urban Legends, America’s Most Haunted Places, In Search of…, Supernatural Destinations and The Today Show.

She appeared in the motion picture, “The St. Francisville Experience,” had a feature role in the 3 Doors Down music video, “Love me When I’m Gone” and wrote and directed “Journey Into Darkness… The Trilogy”, a video documentary, featured in segment in television broadcast in the US & UK.

Her documentary series on the Occult & Paranormal “Kalila Smith’s Mysterious Worlds” is currently in production. She recently produced & co-wrote an award winning murder mystery movie, “Silent Scream”, coming soon to DVD and worked on and appeared in the documentary for Sony’s Playstation II game, Ghosthunter. Kalila was the only American chosen to work on this British based production.

Due to her vast knowledge and experience, Kalila teaches a course on Paranormal Studies at University of New Orleans’ Metropolitan College and conducts historical tours on the history and legends of New Orleans.

Currently, she is co-writing, directing, and producing “The Sisterhood,” a vampire motion picture set for shoot in March 2004 and working on the screenplay along with Jeffrey Scott Thomas for an upcoming feature length horror motion picture, “The Thirteenth Gate.”

Kalila Smiths work and knowledge has been recognized worldwide including North America, The U.K., Korea, Denmark and The Netherlands.