Manbo Marisol

One of our favorite practitioners and psychic readers, our fave Manbo Marisol! Manbo Marisol is a native of Haiti and reared in the USVI, before coming to the USA.  Manbo Marisol has traveled extensively throughout the world lectures on the African Diaspora at many art symposiums and educational panels throughout the Caribbean and east coast.Vodou Priestess Manbo Marisol at Erzulie's Voodoo of New Orleans.

Born in a Vodou family, Manbo Marisol has served the spirit since early childhood. With over 40years of experience as an initiated Manbo Asogwe, she is an incredible Priestess and a honor to have her as an elder member of Erzulie’s.

She currently resides in NY, Miami and spends a great deal of time with her family and Godchildren in New Orleans.  Manbo Marisol provides numerous spiritual services, cleansings, and psychic readings in honor of God, the Lwa, and the ancestors. You may request your personal consultation time, spiritual reading or ritual services with Manbo Marisol by emailing