Spiritual Scams!

Ok folks, this is for all the millions of calls I get per day in the store with the same story. “I gave so and so thousands of dollars for something or other, and now I cannot locate them, they will not return my call, they will not email me back, I think I’ve been scammed….”

I always ask: who is this person (or company) and what were the details of the situation? I ask this out of respect for my colleagues as well; often legitimate practitioners get blamed when their client didn’t win the lotto of something equally as ridiculous, so out of respect for those amazing practitioners available in the world, I always give them the benefit of the doubt as many people often have unreasonable expectations to begin with NO MATTER how many times they are told the reality of spiritual work and possible outcomes.

This DOES NOT MEAN you have been scammed just because “Johnny married another woman after all” or you “didn’t win the Nobel Prize” or they couldn’t make your “Karma different then what YOU wanted”. Any legitimate practitioner will disclose the potential outcomes and the realities of situations that cannot be altered. If you choose not to listen and go ahead with someone’s spell ritual anyway, do not blame Voodoo for no results, you got results, the results were just not what YOU wanted – please read the Does Voodoo Work Section for more explanation.

I always say, your prayers and petitions to the spirits are ALWAYS answered; sometimes the answer is “No!”

For those who have been truly scammed and ripped off, my heart goes out to you; it is disgraceful and embarrassing for every spiritual worker to hear of yet another scumbag has preyed on the vulnerable. So many practitioners and spiritual workers I personally know are so devout and dedicated to serving and have provided incredible assistance to their clients for years. Here’s how you can determine if you are working with a shady practitioner or spiritual organization.

  1. They have no legitimate method of which to receive funds for their items, such as a merchant account or credit card capability, no phone number (except a $9.99 per minute toll line for the privilege of speaking to the Guru), no business address, street address, store front, live humans answering the phone or returning phone calls! If they are operating using e-payments or Western Union or money order only, that should raise a red flag. Normally, legitimate businesses undergo much scrutiny, credit checks, background checks, operating license verification and financial review before a bank will issue them a merchant account, which certainly increases their credibility and gives you the consumer, an avenue to locate the company should a dispute arise.
  2. They address themselves as “The Amazing This and That” “The Most Powerful This and That” “The Voodoo Queen or King of This and That” and are STILL not accessible in any way other than the cloak of the internet with no names, addresses, and contact information except for a P.O. BOX!
  3. They GUARANTEE the outcome work! I GUARANTEE this is a SCAM – “send me thousands and I GUARANTEE Johnny will return” for example – that is ridiculous to even consider as they ARE NOT GOD and cannot possibly know what is going on with Johnny’s Karma!
  4. They demand, force, insist, terrorize you into sending money immediately even though they have NOT conducted any consultation or divination to even determine what is going on in your situation!
  5. Their initial consultation, should you even obtain one, always tells you this situation can be repaired, reconciled or fixed in amazingly, 24 – 72 hours (or whatever idiotic time frame) – for sure, just send them money and all will be perfect. Yeah, right!
  6. Ritual work ALWAYS requires thousands of dollars for them to perform – this is simply NOT TRUE!!!! While some rituals can for sure, often, something subtle like a good cleansing and banishing ritual can move mountains for you.
  7. They offer no verification on their credentials, experience, colleagues, reputation, explanation on their products or services, no photos of the items on their websites, no details on the actual ritual work required and in what phases, time frames, ingredients, techniques and crafting, etc. Spiritual products should ALWAYS be handcrafted, find out where and how they make theirs before you buy them. Further, if you go with their products and services, they MUST disclose every bit of expense, elements needed, educate you on the rituals, disclose the divination results and offerings to which Lwa or Spirits before buying any custom or spiritual fetish, ritual, spell kit, etc. Have them disclose the details before buying – like you would ANY PRODUCT!
  8. USE YOUR BRAINS NOT YOUR EMOTIONS: Find out how or observe HOW the purported most powerful guru LIVES, their environment, their friends, and their stability. If they are living in the SEWER and cannot maintain the most basic elements of continuity; for example: cannot keep their phone connected, cannot seem to pay their bills, cannot seem to live a balanced life, seem embittered and nasty about everyone, are always the victim of spiritual attacks, trash other practitioners behind their backs to get your business, live in abject poverty or filth although claim to be able to make you millions, or cannot seem to maintain a stable existence on any level, how on Earth are they going to HELP YOU with anything. They can’t even manage their own lives. Who cares what they say to about their powers, purported knowledge, levels of initiations: the first sign of a strong spiritual worker is THE QUALITY OF THEIR OWN LIVES!!!!!! How are they living? Are they mindful, disciplined, honorable, hard workers, truthful, responsible, accountable and respectful to themselves, their environment and most importantly, Spirit? FIND OUT FIRST!!!!! Many purported Spiritual Master “talk the talk” , look good on paper, tell you everything you want to hear, but can they TRULY “walk the walk” of maintaining a spiritual life & serving above all else?
  9. If they are hiding all the pertinent information from the public there is a reason. Ask them how long they have been in business; request their Business License Numbers, Incorporation Federal ID Number, State Tax Information (if applicable), City Tax Information, the Owners REAL Name and Address, etc. If they refuse, RUN NOW! Any legitimate business has the following: Tax ID, Sales Tax Exemption Number, City & State (if applicable to State Taxes) Account Numbers, Business License, Occupational License, etc. Ask for it! Better yet, visit their place of business and ask to see it, most Occupational licenses have to have it displayed by LAW!
  10. If they truly work just off the web, find out where they meet with clients, find out how they are accessible to see face to face, find out who they associate with and what stores for example. I know many AMAZING practitioners who truly work out of their homes and will always meet clients at colleague’s stores or temples should that be required. There is nothing wrong with NOT having a store front as they can substitute many safe places to meet and get acquainted, or phone consultations and professional email exchanges, but there is something wrong when these practitioners are not accessible by any reasonable avenue.