Voodoo in New Orleans & History of Louisiana Voodoo

Voodoo in New Orleans & History of Louisiana Voodoo ~ A Glimpse into the History of Voodoo in New Orleans

Voodoo in New Orleans and the Roots of Louisiana Voodoo by Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans. In honor of Erzulie’s flagship store in the French Quarter, we are proud bring you this introduction to Voodoo as it is practiced in New Orleans. Note the spelling of the word Voodoo in this section versus our articles on Haitian Vodou. This is to reflect the American influence on Voodoo in New Orleans.

This overview of New Orleans Voodoo is not intended to recount the vast history of New Orleans, such history would fill volumes. Instead, we wanted to provide an educational overview on with the roots, myths, magic, and legendary practitioners who influenced the distinct New Orleans Voodoo tradition, which is still practiced today. To learn more about the Vodou Religion, Vodou Beliefs and History of New Orleans Voodoo, browse our vast collection of educational Voodoo articles prepared by caring, initiated Vodou practitioners at Erzulie’s. Learn what a Psychic Reading and Spiritual Consultation with an initiated Voodoo practitioner can bring into your spiritual session with this helpful article on what those spiritual services can do for you.  Alafia from all of us at Erzulie’s in New Orleans!

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