Voodoo Beliefs, Spiritual Truths, Spiritual Awareness & Inspiration: Voodoo Concepts

This page on Voodoo beliefs, spiritual truths, spiritual awareness and inspiration was designed to offer an easier reference on the deep and complex belief systems within the African Traditional Religions and the Vodou itself.  We wanted to offer an introduction or quick reference for when you need a little encouragement, inspiration and learn some spiritual concepts from a Vodou perspective.

For those searching for spiritual truths, empowerment, spiritual concepts or trying to develop a strong spiritual life, we assembled our most popular and relevant social media memes which focus on those areas.  It is our hope that this page helps you strengthen your faith, learn more about the power of prayer, miracles and spiritual attunement for both your joyful times and to draw upon during your darkest hours.

If you are needing expert insight to better understand these spiritual beliefs or how we would approach, interpret or remedy any uncertain spiritual situation, our expert practitioners offer amazing spiritual counseling, readings and effective ritual solutions.

To learn more about this ancient and powerful tradition, we offer and extensive library of articles on the Vodou Religion, New Orleans Voodoo, Marie Laveau, History of Voodoo and other Magical traditions.  For a quick introduction on the Vodou belief systems, God, “the Mysteries” and “the Lwa,” the article here is a great primer.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the Vodou at a more advanced level, please check out our comprehensive educational apps on Vodou for both iPhone and Android.  This app is filled with history, rituals, ceremony, liturgy, glossaries, magic, detailed info on numerous Lwa and much, much more; all personally written and designed by the owner herself drawing upon the spiritual knowledge and direct contributions by some of the most world-renowned experts and Vodou practitioners in the last century.

Each image here was also created and designed by the Root Queen (the owner) herself, using her images, film, photos and artwork she has personally painted over the years.  Once she is done with the image selection to go with the message that “pops in her head that day,” she finishes the rest of the graphics and artwork for social media and then writes the spiritual message to post.   Her goal is to provide support, knowledge and to help “make “the mysteries” of the Divine, more comprehensible.”   She says this is part of her “Prayer Time and Spirit Time” each morning and overall life’s work; to bring awareness, encouragement and bring spiritual resources to anyone who wishes to connect to the power of the Vodou spirits, explore deeply held spiritual beliefs, truths and empowerment.

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We do hope the pieces we selected on this page help you seek comfort, wisdom and brings more spiritual awareness in your life, especially when dealing with any difficult or challenging situation. That is when our faith needs to be the strongest.  Scroll down to learn more about Voodoo beliefs, spiritual truths, spiritual awareness and inspiration!