New Orleans Voodoo Dolls for Ghede ~ Justice, Conjure & Transition Voodoo Dolls

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Dolls and Magical New Orleans Voodoo Dolls! Exquisite New Orleans Voodoo Dolls
of the Lwa, handcrafted by our favorite practitioners exclusively at Erzulie’s
Voodoo in New Orleans!


New Orleans Voodoo Dolls ~ The very powerful Ghede Lwa including Manman Bridgette and Baron Samedi. They are the rulers of transitions of life & death and often considered the patron Lwa of New Orleans. They are the equivalent to the “dead” as Legba is to the living; guarding the crossroads of this world to the underworld. They are very helpful in many magical rituals, especially rituals involving children of whom they are great protectors, major life transitions, justice, virility & bringing fast money. The Ghede are known to be very wise & honest in their responses to those seeking help! These magical New Orleans Voodoo Dolls are dressed in hand-stitched fabrics and handcrafted with a gorgeous, hand-sculpted face, Spanish Moss, semi-precious stones, fetishes, charms, feathers and decorated with magical items.