Voodoo Poppet Dolls for Ogoun ~ Protection Voodoo Dolls

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Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Poppet Dolls of the Lwa (Vodou Spirits)! Exquisite, ritualized Voodoo Poppet Dolls for love spells, healing spells, wealth spells, road opening spells and conjure rituals.  Each magical Voodoo Poppet Doll is handcrafted by highly experienced and initiated Vodou practitioners at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.  Voodoo Poppet Dolls are a powerful instrument for invoking the Vodou Spirits to bring love, prosperity, healing, banishing obstacles and luck with your magical rituals. Voodoo Poppet dolls make a perfect gift for your spiritual friends or loved ones. Scroll down to learn more about our magical Voodoo Poppet dolls and how to work with Erzulie’s authentic Voodoo dolls and Magical Voodoo Poppet dolls of the Lwa!


Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Poppet Dolls ~ A very powerful Lwa as Ogoun removes the obstacles out of your way, takes care of serious problems, protects your prosperity, guards you from harm & has tremendous healing capabilities! Ogoun is the great general, great warrior Lwa who rules iron, metals, tools, weapons, machinery & a very masculine spirit. These magical Voodoo Poppet Dolls are dressed in hand-stitched fabrics and handcrafted with a gorgeous, hand-painted or sculpted faces, symbols, semi-precious stones, fetishes, charms, feathers and decorated with magical items. These all vary in style based upon the practitioner’s creative style and approx. 7″ tall.