Voodoo Poppet Dolls for Ogoun ~ Protection Voodoo Dolls

$25.00 $18.75

Dolls and Magical Voodoo Poppet Dolls! Exquisite Voodoo Poppet
Dolls of the Lwa, for Love, Luck, Healing & more. Our Voodoo Poppet Dolls are handcrafted by our favorite practitioners exclusively at
Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans!


Voodoo Poppet Dolls ~ A very powerful Lwa as Ogoun removes the obstacles out of your way, takes care of serious problems, protects your prosperity, guards you from harm & has tremendous healing capabilities! Ogoun is the great general, great warrior Lwa who rules iron, metals, tools, weapons, machinery & a very masculine spirit. These magical Voodoo Poppet Dolls are dressed in hand-stitched fabrics and handcrafted with a gorgeous, hand-painted or sculpted faces, symbols, semi-precious stones, fetishes, charms, feathers and decorated with magical items. These all vary in style based upon the practitioner’s creative style and approx. 7 tall.