Bejeweled Baron Skull ~ Voodoo Altar Gemstone Skull


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“A Bejeweled Baron Skull” ~ Sacred Vodou Altar Piece

Voodoo Altar Gemstone Skull is Designed and Handcrafted by Anna, Owner & Founder of Erzulie’s. The first in a series of exquisite, handcrafted jewel encrusted Vodou Altar pieces & obscure precious gemstone Vodou Fetishes exclusively at Erzulie’s! This unique, precious gemstone encrusted skull was created, designed & handcrafted by the Root Queen personally, as inspired by the Lwa (Divine Vodou Spirits) and now available for sale.

“A Bejeweled Baron” ~ 2011 Sacred Vodou Altar Piece uses rare, vintage playing cards and obscure tarot decks, decoupaged onto a large, heavy papier-mâché skull and encrusted exclusively with the finest, faceted VVS & AAA precious gemstones, handset into .925 Sterling Silver pronged settings including:

  • Black Diamonds ~ 2 TCTW
  • Green Diamonds ~ 2 TCTW
  • Midnight Blue Sapphires ~ 75 TCTW
  • Black “Balas” Rubies ~ 29 TCTW
  • Myanmar Red Rubies ~ 9 TCTW
  • Violet Iolite ~ 24 TCTW
  • Mozambique Garnets ~ 189 TCTW
  • African Amethysts ~ 143 TCTW
  • Green Emeralds ~ 57 TCTW
  • Green Mystic Topaz ~ 25 TCTW
  • Fire Opals ~ 22 TCTW


Each playing card, gemstone, tarot image, number count and design placement was positioned for very specific spiritual and magical purposes, and possesses Vodou and Ancestor significance. This encrusted Vodou Skull is available for sale, and the collector of this sacred Vodou altar piece will learn about the secrets of our “Bejeweled Baron” by the Root Queen personally. All of our jewel encrusted Vodou Objects are exclusive, one of a kind and crafted only once. Custom pieces are available for commission and take approximately 6 weeks to handcraft. Serious inquiries only please ~ Anna can be emailed directly at:

A little more about this “A Bejeweled Baron” Skull…

The Baron’s custom top-hat was handcrafted using African leather, ostrich and peacock feather plumes, amethyst beads, bone and a crystal skull centerpiece, lined with purple fabric and purple suede stitching. Small sliver magnets at the crown of the skull attach to the top-hat to stabilize entire piece when displayed.

“A Bejeweled Baron Skull” ~ 2011 Sacred Vodou Altar Piece weighs approximately 6 pounds and measures 13” H x 10” W x 10” D (with the top hat) and 10” H x 8” W x 7” D (skull) for a stunning, one of kind altar piece or for your precious art collection. This altar piece ships in a 15” x 15” x 15” acrylic cube for display purposes, signed and dated.

If you are interested in adding this exquisite Vodou altar piece to your fine arts or spiritual collections, please email with your inquiry. Only serious inquiries will be responded to.