Jewel Encrusted Vodou Objects

The first of our sacred Voodoo altar piece collection, in a series of exquisite, precious gemstone, jewel encrusted Vodou “Pwens” and Magical Voodoo Gemstone Fetishes.

These precious, unique & sacred Voodoo Altar pieces are based upon very personal inspiration, vivid dreams and specific imaging, as shown to the owner by the Lwa (Divine Vodou Spirits), who then designs and crafts each piece by hand over the course of months using specific, symbolic, antique and rare materials from around the world.

Learn more about each Sacred Gemstone Voodoo Altar piece item by clicking the images below. More to come as time and resources allow as well! We truly hope you love these unique and one of a kind Gemstone Encrusted Voodoo Altar Piece series.

These precious gemstone Vodou Sacred Altar pieces are available only through the store or mail order via certified cashier checks. Custom pieces are available for commission and take approximately 6 to 10 weeks to handcraft. Please email: with serious inquires only.

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