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AUTHENTIC VOODOO SPELLS & CLEANSING SPELLS: Powerful Voodoo Healing Spells, Spiritual Cleansing Spells & Trauma Healing Spells – Don’t Miss Our 9Day Spiritual Cleansing Spells & Trauma Healing Voodoo Spells Sales!

For Spiritual Cleansing Spells, Spiritual Healing Spells, Trauma Healing Spells and Blockbuster Spells please view the many powerful 9Day Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Rituals options offered below for your convenience. For a complete list of our Voodoo Spells & Voodoo Rituals for every need, please visit our 9Day Voodoo Spells & Love Spells main page.


We all experience pain, trauma and loss throughout out lives and in the Vodou we believe if these energies are not cleansed and removed, we are unable to heal from these injuries to move forward.

Pain changes us; it changes our core beliefs, shakes our faith, is proven to rewire our brain and often spirals us into despair. With extremely painful experiences, we also believe it can cause a “soul loss” where part of our life force is so injured, we aren’t able to re-balance or recover well and must be retrieved to fully heal.

From the Vodou perspective, these life-altering and deeply soul crushing experiences are spiritual in nature and thus, the solutions must also include spiritual remedies. Here you will find our most powerful Cleansing & Healing Voodoo Spells, Blockbuster Spells, Healing from Trauma Voodoo Spells and Seat of Power Voodoo Spells.

Allow the Divine Spirits to break you free from these painful attachments to set you on the path to recovery with empowerment to move forward on your soul’s path.

If your situation is complex, or if you are unsure which Voodoo ritual to order and need expert advice, please order and schedule a spiritual consultation with our expert Vodou practitioners. Custom Vodou Spells are always available, just inquire in your spiritual consultation.



  • Please read the detailed descriptions of the Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Rituals offered carefully.  You may need to address a few areas in order to best align your situation.
  • Upon ordering your Voodoo Spells, Love Spells & Vodou Rituals, please fill out the ritual information form required for us to prepare and perform your ritual service(s). Have your Photo ID Ready!
  • It is always best to order all Love Spells and Voodoo Spells together or as closely as possible together for optimal alignment!
  • Please read the article on Voodoo Love Spells & Voodoo Spells Performed for You. This is very important for you to best support your ritual work and address any frequently asked questions.
  • Please prepare the information we need for your Voodoo ritual including:  detailed information on issues, pics (if any), location of people, DOB, outcome desired, etc. so we can prep smoothly and precisely for your ceremony.
  • Your ritual will begin within 1-3 days of receiving your form and details.
  • Do Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Love Spells & New Orleans Voodoo Rituals work? Absolutely! Here are the top signs your Voodoo Spells are manifesting!
  • Ritual orders come with beautiful, VIP gift boxes of spiritual products to better support your outcome!

We strongly encourage working with your own ritual items: bath kits, spell kits, gris-gris bags and Voodoo dolls are perfect tools to further strengthen and support the rituals being performed for you.  Please take a look at some of these powerful and effective Voodoo Spells & Ritual Kit options here!

Start your mystical journey into the magical world of Spiritual Cleansing Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Trauma Breakthrough Spells, New Orleans Voodoo Healing Spells, Haitian Vodou Lamp Spells and Vodou Rituals performed for you.   Browse the spiritual spell categories below and select your authentic Vodou ritual & spell options at Erzulie’s Voodoo.

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