Toxic Love, Abusive Relationships, Narcissistic Abuse, Emotional Abuse & Trauma: Voodoo Concepts

Toxic love, abusive relationships, shocking betrayals, deception, cruel mind-games and emotional manipulations; the favorite game played by dark, soulless and hollow predators, disguised in the human form.

In the Vodou, we very much believe there are dark, empty, sinister forces seeking to prey on whole, loving, empathetic souls.  They profess to offer “loving relationships,” “loving partnerships,” “marriages,” “soul mates,” or con you with every other romantic desire you may have.  While they are difficult to spot at first, these messages below help give you a solid guideline as to the red flags in their behavior, consistent with all these cruel and destructive energies.

These abusive entities do such an amazing job parading around as a “fine person” a “great catch” or so “vulnerable and safe.”  At first anyway; that is until their mask slips and you see they have no conscience.  Their only real skill is presenting themselves as exactly what you need, only to lure you into their web of abuse, deceit, manipulations and cruelty.  Once you are tangled up with these destructive energies, you are dragged down a rabbit hole of pain, despair, cognitive dissonance and shock, causing severe emotional and spiritual trauma.

These dark energies, masquerading around as a human, deliberately target higher-vibration, loving, emotionally whole and spiritually rich souls.  These empty vessels must find an energetic fuel supply to feast upon, so they can sustain their sad, pathetic, weak and cowardly existence.  Therefore, they require nourishing life force or “As̩he̩” as we refer to it in the Vodou.  They would not have targeted you if you did not possess these gifts from spirit.

In the Vodou we believe these problems are spiritual in nature. These dark creatures are indeed, spiritually sick, however, for purposes of this realm, we use the words Sociopath, Narcissist and Psychopath to describe such entities.  The carnage they leave in their wake is gruesome and soul crushing.  A large part of our spiritual work for the past 15 year at Erzulie’s is servicing the victims of these love frauds, predators and monsters so our clients can start the healing process.

If you are suffering, struggling, demoralized or need clarity as to your toxic or abusive relationship, cruel betrayals and emotional manipulations we can help.   Or, if you are uncertain as to “who” or “what” you are dealing with, our highly trained experts offer many spiritual counseling sessions and spiritual healing rituals to bring solutions, clarity, awareness and break you free from the pain and suffering.   Many of our practitioners are not only formally educated on these matters but also survivors themselves.

This page on toxic relationships, abusive relationships, emotional abuse and narcissistic abuse was designed to offer an easier reference on these deep, complicated dynamics and the ancient spiritual beliefs about dark forces, dark energies, evil spirits, and how they manifest in our homes, bedrooms and hearts.  We assembled our most popular and relevant social media memes to offer an introduction about how these energies maneuver in our personal, intimate world.

Each image was created and designed by the Root Queen (the owner) herself, using her images, film, photos and artwork she has personally painted over the years.  Once she is done with the image selection to go with the message that “pops in her head that day,” she finishes the rest of the graphics and artwork for social media and then writes the spiritual message to post.   Her goal is to provide support, knowledge and to help “make the inconceivable, more comprehensible.”   She says this is part of her “Prayer Time and Spirit Time” each morning and overall life’s work; to bring healing and awareness to anyone who is suffering to connect them to the power of the Vodou spirits and explore deeply held spiritual truths and empowerment.   If you are not part of our social media, please join us (links above and below) as she posts messages quite often and they are always very illuminating.

We do hope the pieces we selected on this page help you seek comfort, wisdom and brings more spiritual awareness in your life about such destructive emotional issues.  Scroll down to learn more about these dark forces behind all toxic relationships, abusive relationships, emotional abuse and narcissistic abuse!