Voodoo Veve Mojo Bags for Removing Obstacles & Protection

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Voodoo Veve Mojo Bags and New Orleans Voodoo Juju Charm Bags! Magical Voodoo Veve mojo bags and Juju charm bags, also known as Conjure Bags and Magical Fetishes. Voodoo Gris-Gris, Mojo or Juju Charm bags are one of the most powerful Voodoo items to carry with you for bringing what they desire!  In New Orleans Voodoo, Mojo Bags and Juju Bags are properly fixed with blessed ritual powders and rituals oils are used to assist those with drawing spiritual support and bring positive changes and blessings in the requested areas into our lives.  Erzulie’s Voodoo Mojo Bags & Juju Bags are hand-prepared by initiated Vodou Practitioners for Love Spells, Wealth Spells, Healing Spells and more. Voodoo Veve Mojo Bags and Juju Bags make the perfect gifts for anyone who needs a little Voodoo magic in their lives. Scroll down to read the details of this powerful Voodoo Veve Mojo Bag & New Orleans Voodoo Juju Bag!


Voodoo Veve Mojo Bags and Juju Conjure Bags for Protection, Removing Obstacles & Protect Your Prosperity! Known for its removing negativity and protective qualities, let our magical Voodoo Veve Mojo Bags and Juju Conjure Bags help you with removing negative influences, removing obstacles, and protecting you from harmful energies. Your removing obstacles and protection prayers are enhanced with our Voodoo Veve Mojo Bags and Juju Conjure Bags! This plush, magical Voodoo Veve Mojo Bag and Juju Conjure Bag is housed in the finest fabrics and filled with sacred and magical herbs and roots for the Protective Warrior Spirit Ogoun.  Then hand-painted with the sacred Voodoo Veve for Ogoun and adorned with sacred spiritual charms, renowned for bringing protection and removing harmful energies!  Erzulie’s Voodoo Veve Mojo Bags and Juju Protection Charm Bags is a must have for those who need a little protection magic in their lives! Approximately 4″ high.  Primary colors: greens, blacks, and silvers.