Voodoo Fetish Wanga ~ Love & Passion Voodoo Fetish Wangas

$40.00 $30.00

Voodoo Fetish Wangas are one of the most powerful Voodoo items for
bringing what you desire. These exquisite, magical Fetish Wangas are
handcrafted to be a powerful instrument for invoking Spirit to bring
Love, Prosperity, Healing, Banishing Obstacles and Luck!


Voodoo Fetish Wangas ~ Known for its very sensual qualities & energies, let our magical Voodoo Love & Passion Fetish Wanga help you in all matters of the heart! Love, romance, passion, lust and reuniting are within your reach with our powerful Voodoo Wanga for Love Spells and Love Magic! This sacred altar item is housed in the finest fabrics and encrusted with sacred Voodoo charms, our Fetish Wanga Dolls are hand-crafted with magical organic herbs, precious essential oils and hand-pressed Vodou powders renowned for drawing love & passion! Erzulie’s Love & Passion Voodoo Fetish Wanga Dolls are a must have for all relationships, drawing love, love spells and reconciliation spells. Approximately 9″ – 12″ tall and self standing.