Voodoo Dolls ~ Erzulie Freda Voodoo Veve Stained Glass Dolls

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Beautiful, unique Stained-Glass Voodoo Dolls, Stained-Glass Voodoo
Dolls of the Lwa, Skull Dolls, Veve Dolls, Stained Glass Altar Art and stunning Glass Magical symbols exclusively at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.


Stained Glass Voodoo Veve ~ Handmade stained glass rendition of the owner’s personal Erzulie Freda Voodoo Veve found on all of the items at Erzulie’s! The most beloved Lwa of all! Mistress Erzulie-Freda handles all matters of the heart, romance & love! New love, drawing love, romance, healing from heartbreak, and self love are all in her realm of blessings. She is exquisitely beautiful, very helpful in relationships, bringing new love into your life & helping with prosperity. Erzulie Freda loves anything decadent, fancy & expensive. Primary colors: pink & blue, approximately 5? tall with. Please allow 5-7 business days to prepare this stunning piece of art.