Voodoo Dolls and Juju Love Poppet Dolls


Voodoo Dolls and Magical New Orleans Juju Poppet Dolls! Exquisite Juju Poppet Dolls for love, luck, protection, healing, and guardian angel energies! Handcrafted Voodoo & Juju Dolls by our favorite New Orleans Voodoo practitioners exclusively at Erzulie’s! They make perfect gifts for those need some magical Juju blessings in their lives! Please scroll below to read the details of this magical Juju Poppet Doll!


Voodoo Dolls and Juju Love Poppet Dolls ~ Known for its very sensual qualities & energies, let our magical Juju Love Poppet Dolls help you in all matters of the heart! Love, romance, passion, lust, and reuniting prayers are enhanced with our Juju Love Poppet Dolls! This plush, magical Juju poppet is housed in the finest fabrics and encrusted with sacred spiritual charms renowned for drawing love & passion! Erzulie’s Juju Love Poppet is a must have for those who need a little love magic in their lives! Approximately 6″ high. Primary colors: reds and pinks.