Voodoo Altar Candles ~ The Ghede ~ for Uncrossing, Justice & Conjure

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Candles, Ritual Candles and magical Voodoo Altar candles. Jumbo size
hand-poured ritual candles for Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Rituals  and Magic!


Voodoo Spells and Vodou Altar Candles for Baron Samedi & Manman Bridgette, or the Ghede. Use this magical, handcrafted Voodoo Altar Candle for Justice, Conjure, Transitions and Uncrossing Voodoo Spells! Otherworldly, pure essential & natural essence oils, enhanced by natural, deep indigo & black colorants, blended into organic palm wax are used to represent the rulers of the cemetery! The Ghede are very powerful Lwa as they rule the transition of life and death, handle all matters of justice, conjure, uncrossing and viritlity. They are often considered the patron Lwa of New Orleans. They are very helpful in many magical rituals are known to be very wise & honest in his responses to those seeking his help. Jumbo Pillar Ritual Candle.