Voodoo Altar Candles ~ LaSiren Peace, Healing & Calming Ritual Candles

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Altar Candles, Ritual Candles and magical Voodoo Altar candles handcrafted and hand-poured for the Divine Voodoo Spirits at Erzulie’s!  Erzulie’s organic palm wax altar candles are handcrafted by highly experienced, caring, and initiated Vodou Practitioners, using the rare and precious pure essential oils, and natural organic mica colorants to represent the Vodou Lwa.  Each powerful and magical Voodoo Altar Candle is properly ritualized to capture the spiritual and magical energies of the Vodou Lwa (Spirits) to draw love, healing, prosperity, road opening and wealth & conjure. They are the perfect magical tool for all Voodoo Spells, Love Spells and Conjure Magic Rituals. Scroll down to read more about this powerful Voodoo Altar Ritual Candle exclusively at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans. 


Altar Candles, Hand-poured Ritual Candles and Magical Voodoo Altar Candles. Vodou Altar Candles for LaSiren! Use this magical, handcrafted Voodoo Altar Candle for Peace, Healing and Calming Voodoo Spells. The Divine Water Spirit is represented by calming & healing pure essential oils, natural essences, enhanced by blue and green natural colorants, blended into organic palm wax. She can bring much healing and balancing to your life along with success, luck and wealth. LaSiren and is very calming, cooling, cleansing and healing to those who seek her assistance. She too, is very beautiful and loves very decadent and exquisite items, particularly anything beautiful from the ocean or that represents water! Erzulie’s organic palm wax altar candles for LaSiren are handcrafted by highly experienced, caring, and initiated Vodou Practitioners. Jumbo Pillar Ritual Candle.