Voodoo Altar Candles ~ Erzulie Freda ~ for Love & Passion Voodoo Spells

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Candles, Ritual Candles and magical Voodoo Altar candles. Jumbo size
hand-poured ritual candles for Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Rituals  and Magic!


Voodoo Spells and Vodou Altar Candles for Erzulie Freda! Use this magical, handcrafted Voodoo Altar Candle for Love, Passion & Romance Voodoo Spells! The Lwa of Love is represented by the sensual & passionate pure essential oils and natural essences, enhanced by beautiful, natural pink and light blue colorants, blended into organic palm wax to represent the Vodou Spirit of Love and Passion. As the most beloved Lwa of all Mistress Erzulie handles all matters of the heart, romance & love! She is exquisitely beautiful, very helpful in romance & passion, bringing new love, repairing love relationships & renowned for bringing prosperity to those she favors. Jumbo Pillar Ritual Candle.