Fast Money & Prosperity Gris-Gris Bags & Mojo Bags

$77.00 $61.60

We offer Gris-Gris Bag Kits for Love Spells, Money Spells, Banishing
Spells, Healing Spells or whatever you magically desire ~ Erzulie’s has
the perfect Magical Gris-Gris & Mojo Bag for you!


Gris-Gris Bag & Mojo Magic! Bring the money, success and financial support you need – fast. Perfect for anyone seeking cash infusion for any new project, job bonuses or promotions! Handcrafted with rare roots, herbs, precious essential oils, hand-pressed Voodoo powders and magical items renowned for bringing wealth and success! This Fast Money Gris-Gris bag is perfect for insuring success with any new venture, career opportunity or new financial opportunity.  Arrives with a packet of High-John Voodoo Ritual Powder and a Dram of Van-Van Voodoo Ritual Oil in a gift box with detailed instructions.