Gris-Gris Bags~Fast Luck & Road Opening Voodoo Gris-Gris


Gris Gris Bags, New Orleans Gris-Gris Magic and Voodoo Mojo bags for Love Spells, Money Spells, Banishing Spells, Healing Spells or whatever you magically desire!  Our magical Gris Gris Bags and New Orleans Gris-Gris kits arrive with all the authentic and traditional Voodoo tools you need to perform your very own powerful and effective Gris Gris Magic ritual! Erzulie’s Gris Gris Bags, Mojo Bags and New Orleans Voodoo Gris Gris Kits are hand-prepared by initiated Vodou Practitioners with detailed instructions to ensure your ritual success. Scroll down to read the details of this powerful Gris Gris Bag and New Orleans Voodoo Gris-Gris Kit!


Gris-Gris Bags, New Orleans Gris-Gris & Voodoo Mojo Magic! Powerful New Orleans Voodoo Gris-Gris and Mojo Bags for opening up roads of opportunity, opening doors of success and prosperity and fast luck for any situation! These powerful Voodoo Gris-Gris bag is handcrafted and ritualized using the most potent, rare herbs, roots, precious essential oils, hand-pressed Voodoo Powders and other magical items to open the doors and bring the luck you need – fast! This Road Opening & Fast Luck Voodoo Gris-Gris bag and magical Mojo Bag is a must have before you do anything speculative for instant luck! Perfect for gambling, new business ventures, job interviews or looking for the extra advantage over competition! Arrives with a packet of of High-John Voodoo Ritual Powder and a Dram of Van-Van Voodoo Ritual Oil in a gift box with detailed instructions.