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What is a Tarot Reading Psychic Reading or Tarot Love Psychic Reading? What can a Tarot Reading or Psychic Reading do for you and not do for you? An experienced Silver Raven (Renee Green), experienced Psychic Reader & Initiated Witch at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans shines some light on this subject!

The Tarot Psychic Reading is a powerful tool for gaining insight into your self and your life. As with many techniques that are used for self-improvement, the Tarot Psychic Reading has benefits and limitations. While it can do quite a lot for you, it cannot solve all problems, and is not designed to make decisions for you or tell you what to do.

A Tarot Psychic Reading is like a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. The cards give you a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles, and strengths. A reading can show you where you are now, where you’ve come from, where you want to be, and how to get there.

While the Tarot Psychic Reading gives suggested actions to take and a likely outcome if you take them, it does not predict the future. The future is not a static or unchangeable thing. The gift of free will allows each person the ability to create the future he or she wants. With the insight gained through a Tarot Love Reading or a Psychic Reading, you will be better equipped to make decisions and take action that is in line with your best interests, growth and development.

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The Tarot Psychic Reading helps you to take responsibility for the life you have helped to create. Crossroads or choice points in life are where we grow, and the Tarot Psychic Reading will not take that experience away from you. While advice is given, no one should make important decisions or take big steps in life based only on a reading.

A Tarot Psychic Reading can give you insight into hidden factors of a problem, spiritual situations or interferences, secular influences, ideas about how to deal with your dilemma, and hope that you don’t have to remain “stuck” wherever you are.

Tarot Psychic Reading History & Interesting Facts about Tarot Readings:

No-one knows the ‘true’ origin of the Tarot Deck. The most common myth is that it was brought to Europe by the Gypsies – but this myth comes from the fact that very early occultists who used the Tarot Psychic Reading fancied that it came from Egypt. They were as wrong about that as they were about the homeland of the Gypsies.

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In fact, the Tarot Psychic Readings came to Europe about the same time as any other form of playing card, in the early/mid 1300’s. It is most closely related to the ‘Mamluk’ deck of the Islamic world, which had suits cups, coins, swords, and polo-sticks.

The Tarot Reading was originally used for a game called ‘tarocchi’ in Italy, which is sort of a distant cousin to Bridge. Tarocchi is still played in some parts of the world, not usually with the same decks the ‘fortune tellers’ use. The game was quite popular for a time among the royalty in Italy, and sometimes a duke would commission an artist to create a really nice deck. Some of the earliest surviving Tarot Psychic Reading decks come from this source. Plainer decks existed, but were not well made enough, or well thought-of enough, to survive the intervening 600 years.

The Joker of ‘standard’ card decks is not related to the Fool in Tarot Readings. The Joker was invented as a wild card for Euchre in the 1800’s, in a part of the world where the Tarot Psychic Reading was virtually or totally unknown.

The Tarot Psychic Reading was first associated with the occult by Antoine Court de Gebelin, a relatively obscure Parisian mason who wrote about the deck in 1781. He invented a lot of the standard myths about the Tarot Psychic Reading which were later popularized by others (it comes from ancient Egypt; the Major Arcana is related to the Kabalah, etc.). The first big popularizer of the deck was a contemporary of de Gebelin, called Etteilla, who published the first ‘revised and corrected’ Tarot Psychic Reading deck for divination.

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The fad was caught up by Eliphas Levi, Oswald Wirth, and Papus, among others. From Papus, the Tarot Psychic Reading caught on with some English mystics, such as S.L. Mathers (whose mistranslation of Levi brought us the suit of pentacles), A.E. Waite, and A. Crowley. The Tarot Psychic Reading received a lot of attention from these folks, and they created a fairly large body of writing on the use of Tarot Psychic Reading.

For the most part they thought that divination was a ‘lower’ use of the cards, that ideally it should be used to put you in touch with eternal verities, usually in conjunction with whatever magickal order they happened to be involved with. But of course, divination was the most popular use for the cards.

Most of the Tarot Psychic Reading decks on the market were created this century, most of those in the last 40 years. There is a tarot deck for every topics, traditions, belief and genre today so you are sure to find one that resonates with your spiritual path.

We truly hoped you enjoyed this fun and information primer on the history of Tarot Card, Tarot Readings and Tarot Psychic Readings.  We invite you to learn more about our Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings and Spiritual Consultations performed at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans. We hope you browse other more fascinating articles on tarot readings, psychic readings, spirituality, occult, Voodoo and magical history in our Voodoo Articles archives!