African Divination Systems: About Bone Readings, Shell Readings & Kola Nut Divination

African Divination Systems and Vodun Priest & Priestess Psychic Readings.  Learn about African Divination Systems including Bone Readings, Shell Readings, Kola Nut Readings and Divinations from the African Traditional Religions (ATR).

These types of psychic readings and divinations can only be  offered  by initiated Priests and Priestesses of the Vodou Tradition, Santeria Tradition, Ifa Path, Yoruba Traditions, Candomblé, and Palo just to name a few of the paths in the African Voodoo Religions.

Many of our initiated Vodou and Santeria Priests and Priestess use these tools, or a combination of these tools, in every psychic reading and spiritual consultation offered at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.  This brief overview of African Divination Systems: About Bone Readings, Shell Readings & Kola Nut Divination is part of Erzulie’s “Spiritual Summary Series™” for those curious about various Voodoo, Occult and Spiritual topics.

We offer more in-depth and academic resources on these African Traditional Divinations and Psychic Readings systems showcased in our extensive article section for those wishing to learn more about “Reading them Bones!” This just gives a quick and handy reference on some of the divination and psychic readings performed by initiated Priests and Priestesses.


African Divination, Bone Readings, Shell Readings, Kola Nut Readings, Voodoo Priest and Priestess Psychic Readings and African Traditional Divinations at Erzulie's Voodoo in New Orleans.

African divination is a practice found in many different African cultures and belief systems, which involves seeking guidance or insight from spiritual or supernatural forces. Divination is often used to make decisions, solve problems, or gain a deeper understanding of oneself or the world. It is often said these types of African Divinations and Psychic Readings are indeed, the “Voice of God.”

The types of readings offered in the African Traditional Religions vary depending upon the Diviner’s initiations and specific Voodoo path. African Traditional Religion (ATR) Divinations and Psychic readings can only be performed by an initiated Vodou/Vudu/Vodun Priest or Priestess.

This is required for the Divination to be valid or accurate, as they take years to master and a lifetime of learning the thousands of combinations of the shells for example. These types of Divinations require tremendous knowledge, spiritual attunement, training, and devotion to draw upon the voice of the Divine and deliver the messages into this realm.


There are many different forms of African divination, each with their own unique methods and traditions. Some of the more common forms of African divination include:

  • Ifa: a divination system practiced among the Yoruba people of Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. Ifa involves the use of divination trays and a complex system of symbols and stories to communicate with Orunmila, the Yoruba god of wisdom and divination.
  • Bone Readings: a divination tradition practiced among many different African cultures. Bone divination
    involves the use of animal bones or other objects to communicate with spirits or ancestors and gain insight into the future.
  • Ÿ Diloggun: a divination system practiced among the Yoruba and Santeria religions of Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean. Diloggun involves the use of cowrie shells or other small objects to communicate with the Orishas, the Yoruba deities.
  • Chamalongo: a divination system performed by an initiated Congo priest. Chamalongo divination uses a combination of seashells and coconut shells to interpret the messages from the Divine known as the oddus.
  • Ÿ Sangoma: a divination tradition practiced among the Zulu and Xhosa people of South Africa. Sangomas are traditional healers who use divination to diagnose illness, communicate with ancestors, and provide guidance to their communities.


Overall, African divination is a rich and diverse practice that reflects the complex beliefs and traditions of many different African cultures. While each Vodou/Vudu/Vodun/Voodoo tradition has its own unique methods and beliefs, they all share a common goal: seeking guidance, messages, and insight from the spiritual realm.African Divination, Chamalongo Readings, Bone Readings, Shell Readings, Kola Nut Readings, Voodoo Priest and Priestess Psychic Readings and African Traditional Divinations at Erzulie's Voodoo in New Orleans.

African Divination, Bone Readings, Shell Readings and Kola Nut Readings, much like many spiritual and religious topics, are often vast and complicated subject matters. There are volumes and tomes written about these incredible, mysterious, and powerful African divination systems available for those to learn more if they wish.

We offer these fun and informative Spiritual Summary Series™ to acquaint those with some preliminary information on various spiritual topics. If you would like to hear what the Divine have to say about your personal situation or life questions, speak to one of our expert Practitioners in one of our Divinations and Spiritual Consultations. At Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans, we always strive to provide educational resources for our guests and friends visiting us, and truly hope you enjoyed our “Spiritual Summary Series™” article. Please let us know if there are any topics you’d be interested in learning more about too by emailing!