Vodou Lwa, Voodoo Spirits and Catholic Saint Counterparts

The Vodou Lwa, Voodoo Spirits and their Catholic Saint counterparts.  Who were the Vodou Lwa most closely syncretized to when they came to the new world in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition and in the Haitian Vodou religion?

This section serves as a basic primer of the Voodoo Spirits, the Vodou Lwa and their Catholic counterparts.  These are the most common Catholic Saints traditionally associated with the Vodou spirits as found within the Haitian Vodou religion, New Orleans Voodoo traditions and other spiritual paths of the African traditional religions as represented at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.

The following overview of the Voodoo spirits and their Catholic counterparts are not intended to replace the vast history or the culturally rich, and complex theology. Instead, this is to provide general foundational concepts as to which Catholic Saints the Vodou Lwa are most closely associated with due to the African diaspora (slave trade) and acquaint you with the power and beauty of the mysteries of Vodou. Continue reading “Vodou Lwa, Voodoo Spirits and Catholic Saint Counterparts”

Voodoo Altars and Sacred Spaces in the Voodoo Religion: How to Create Your Vodou Altar or Shrine

Voodoo Altars and Vodou Shrines. How to create your very own Vodou Altars, Sacred Spaces, or Voodoo Shrines by Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans. Learn how to create your own Voodoo Altars and Vodou Shrines with this informative overview by renowned Haitian Vodou priest and expert, Hougan Aboudja.

Creating Vodou altars, Voodoo shrines and Sacred space is not just for initiated clergy into the Vodou religion, this detailed primer shows how anyone with a connection to the Voodoo spirits can create their very own Vodou Altars and Shrines, for both private ritual and public ceremonial purposes.

For those with more in-depth questions on creating their Sacred Space, Voodoo Altars or Vodou Shrines, our initiated Vodou practitioners are always available to provide expert guidance in a spiritual consultation.   To learn more about the Vodou Religion, Vodou Beliefs, or Sacred Voodoo Words we invite you to browse our vast collection of educational Voodoo articles prepared by caring, initiated Vodou practitioners at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans. Continue reading “Voodoo Altars and Sacred Spaces in the Voodoo Religion: How to Create Your Vodou Altar or Shrine”

Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans Voodoo

Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans Voodoo ~ A Glimpse into the History of our legendary Voodoo Practitioners

Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition.  A fun and informative glimpse into the history of the more legendary Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors that formed the unique and magical New Orleans Voodoo practice.   This sacred spiritual tradition is still heavily practiced today in both New Orleans and Louisiana. Note: the spelling of the word Voodoo in this section versus our articles on Haitian Vodou. This is to reflect the American influence on Voodoo as practiced in the new world.

This overview on the history of our Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans is not intended to provide the complete history of the development of the Voodoo tradition, as that would require volumes of information. Instead, we wanted to provide an educational overview on with the roots, myths, magic, and legendary practitioners who influenced the distinct New Orleans Voodoo tradition and formed our cultural heritage. Continue reading “Voodoo Queens and Root Doctors in New Orleans Voodoo”

Louisiana Voodoo Religion History and New Orleans Voodoo

Louisiana Voodoo Religion History and New Orleans Voodoo

Louisiana Voodoo religion history and the roots of Voodoo in New Orleans by Erzulie’s Voodoo in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  We are proud bring you this introduction on the Voodoo Religion as it is practiced in Louisiana and New Orleans.

This overview of the Louisiana Voodoo religion and New Orleans Voodoo is not intended to cover the entire and vast history of New Orleans and the Voodoo religion. It is to provide a glimpse into the history and an educational overview on the roots, magic, myths, and legendary practitioners who influenced the distinct Voodoo religion of Louisiana and New Orleans, a religion which is still practiced today.

To learn more about the Louisiana Voodoo religion and New Orleans Voodoo History, Roots of the Vodou Religion, Vodou Beliefs and Marie Laveau the New Orleans Voodoo Queen, browse our vast collection of educational articles prepared by caring, initiated Vodou practitioners at Erzulie’s.   Because of these deep and magical roots of the Voodoo, learn what a psychic reading or spiritual consultation with an initiated Vodou practitioner can provide you in your spiritual session with this informative article. Alafia from all of us at Erzulie’s in New Orleans! Continue reading “Louisiana Voodoo Religion History and New Orleans Voodoo”

How to Use Conjure Oils and Magical Ritual Oils at Erzulie’s Voodoo

A primer on How to Use Conjure Oils and Ritual Oils at Erzulie’s Voodoo, New Orleans Voodoo Shop! Since ancient times, people have been using pure essential oils, herbs, roots, and plants for ritual and magical purposes.  All powerful Conjure & Voodoo Ritual Oils uses herbs, plants, flowers, and resins known for their spiritual properties.  Authentic, magical ritual and conjure oils must be hand blended with the correct ritual intentions and raw materials, under the correct ritual conditions, to enhance the powers within the ingredients for the most powerful and successful outcomes for your ritual work.

When working with the conjure oils and ritual oils at Erzulie’s Voodoo, it is always advised to pray over them, speak your wishes over the ritual oils and expressing your gratitude for their assistance in your rituals and magical spells. This creates a deeper, meaningful connection and relationship to the magical energies. Praying, communicating, and stating your magical or ritual intentions also personalizes your magical tools to and properly energizes them to better manifest your specific intentions and magical needs. Continue reading “How to Use Conjure Oils and Magical Ritual Oils at Erzulie’s Voodoo”

Voodoo Beliefs, Spiritual Truths, Spiritual Awareness & Inspiration: Voodoo Concepts

This page on Voodoo beliefs, spiritual truths, spiritual awareness and inspiration was designed to offer an easier reference on the deep and complex belief systems within the African Traditional Religions and the Vodou itself.  We wanted to offer an introduction or quick reference for when you need a little encouragement, inspiration and learn some spiritual concepts from a Vodou perspective.

For those searching for spiritual truths, empowerment, spiritual concepts or trying to develop a strong spiritual life, we assembled our most popular and relevant social media memes which focus on those areas.  It is our hope that this page helps you strengthen your faith, learn more about the power of prayer, miracles and spiritual attunement for both your joyful times and to draw upon during your darkest hours.

If you are needing expert insight to better understand these spiritual beliefs or how we would approach, interpret or remedy any uncertain spiritual situation, our expert practitioners offer amazing spiritual counseling, readings and effective ritual solutions.

To learn more about this ancient and powerful tradition, we offer and extensive library of articles on the Vodou Religion, New Orleans Voodoo, Marie Laveau, History of Voodoo and other Magical traditions.  For a quick introduction on the Vodou belief systems, God, “the Mysteries” and “the Lwa,” the article here is a great primer.

Continue reading “Voodoo Beliefs, Spiritual Truths, Spiritual Awareness & Inspiration: Voodoo Concepts”

Dark Forces, Evil Spirits, Dark Energies & Spirits of the Dead: Voodoo Concepts

Explore the mysterious world of Dark Forces, Evil Spirits, Dark Energies and the Spirits of the Dead from the Voodoo perspective.  Erzulie’s Voodoo created this page to help provide a resource for those struggling to understand why certain people and their energies have such a devastating effect on their lives.  And hopefully confirm, everything you suspect about that person is true and no, you are not going mad.

In the Vodou, we very much believe that dark, evil forces walk amongst us.  There are evil, dangerous, low-vibrational entities that appear in the human form and, monsters are real.  These energies often consist of the Spirits of the Dead, Spirits of Sorrow, Spirits of Suffering.  These dark forces and evil spirits bring to our world all the negative and toxic aspects within their energetic realm: addiction, rage, hate, deception, cruelty, abuse, jealousy, narcissism, manipulation, exploitation, covetousness, betrayal and destruction.

Sadly, many that are drawn to higher vibrational, loving souls are disguised as those who are supposed to love and protect you the most.  A parent, a lover, a spouse, our closest friends and co-workers.  Nothing is sacred when these empty, soulless, consumptive vessels want what you have.

We deal with the devastating effects these creatures have in our clients’ lives when spiritually connected to these dark, destructive and inhumane energies every day at Erzulie’s Voodoo.  If you feel you have encountered such a situation or need help in understanding what they are and, breaking free from their grip, or healing from their carnage, our experts offer outstanding spiritual counseling and powerful rituals for banishing those toxic connections to start the recovery process.

Continue reading “Dark Forces, Evil Spirits, Dark Energies & Spirits of the Dead: Voodoo Concepts”

Marie Laveau New Orleans Voodoo Queen

Marie Laveau and all about the New Orleans Voodoo Queen!

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans Marie Laveau! In all times, in all places, no one has ever risen to the statue or fame in Voodoo as Marie Laveau. Famed in history, infamous in folklore and ever present, even today.  Marie Catherine Laveau was born in New Orleans on September 10, 1801. She was the natural daughter of two free persons of color, both mulattos. She was a free woman of color and a Creole. She was married to Jacques Paris in 1819 at the St. Louis Cathedral with the famed Père Antoine officiating. Article courtesy of our dearly missed friend John, curator of the New Orleans Voodoo Museum! May he rest in peace.

She had two children, both of whom appear to have died before reaching maturity. With a few years, her husband apparently also died she began calling herself the Widow Paris, a name that survived onto her tomb. Around the mid 1820’s she began a plaçage with Louis Christophe Dominick Duminy de Glapion with who she bore seven more children. (The plaçage system afforded interracial couples a marriage of conscience, if not legality).

Continue reading “Marie Laveau New Orleans Voodoo Queen”

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What You Should Know About Marie Laveau ~ Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau! Brief History of Marie Laveau – The New Orleans Voodoo Queen!

What you should know about New Orleans Voodoo and New Orleans Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau!  Another Voodoo history segment from Priestess Kalila Smith‘s research and published chapters on Voodoo In New Orleans and our beloved Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau! The most noted Queen of Voodoo was Marie Laveau. She was born in 1783, to Marguerite Darcantel, a slave from Haiti and mistress of a wealthy plantation owner, a Frenchman, Charles Laveau. In the 1700 & 1800’s, French aristocratic men often took women of color as mistresses in a custom called placage.

In the placage arrangement, children of the union had right of heir ship and bore the father’s name. No doubt in this sort of arrangement, the children would also be reared in their fathers’ religion, Catholicism. Marie was raised in her father’s plantation. She was educated and studied to be a hairdresser. She was a devout Catholic, who went to mass everyday of her life. She was a dark skinned woman with long black hair that she frequently wore in a single braid making her look much like an Indian or a Gypsy, probably adding to her mystique.

Continue reading “What You Should Know About Marie Laveau ~ Voodoo Queen of New Orleans”