Voodoo Veves and Sacred Vodou Symbols of the Lwa by Erzulie’s Voodoo New Orleans

Voodoo Veves and Sacred Symbols of the Vodou. Veves are sacred symbols in the Vodou tradition. Veves are used to commune with specific Lwa, call in specific spirits into your ceremony or ritual, and used to strengthen your connection to your guiding Lwa, known as a Met Tet in the Vodou religion.

As explained in our Voodoo Articles on Haitian Vodou, Vodou Altars and Shrines and the History of Vodou, each Lwa responds to specific colors, sacred offerings, ritual chants, and drumbeats; the same also applies to their sacred Veves.  You will find these Voodoo Veves on our exclusive Vodou Veve Altar Dolls and in our powerful Voodoo Spell Kits.  In traditional Vodou ceremony, Voodoo Veves are drawn on the floor of the temple (ounfo) in cornmeal, or other powders, and activated by specific prayers, call words and offerings by the Mambo or Hougan.

Which Veve is used in a formal Vodou ceremony, or in your own Voodoo Spells or Vodou rituals for that matter, is dependent upon the Lwa whose assistance you are seeking.  Each Veve design will vary by its specific Vodou house, according to their traditions of the elders too.  We included the more sought after and requested Voodoo Veves for our beloved customer and clients all over the world to use in their magical Voodoo ritual or for easy reference. Continue reading “Voodoo Veves and Sacred Vodou Symbols of the Lwa by Erzulie’s Voodoo New Orleans”