About Witchcraft Spells & Magic

History of European Witchcraft Spells and Magic Witchcraft Spells and Magic, Love Magic & Wiccan Magic

Witchcraft, spells, magic – those very words conjure all types of mysterious images. Hopefully, this informative article by Ms. Kalila Smith on Witchcraft History will enlighten you on this secretive and misunderstood magical path! The word occult literally means hidden, not revealed, secret, and mysterious. Uncover it and you have magic! Magic is much harder to define, more than parlor tricks, magic means transformation. It is the art of taking thoughts, intentions and emotions and manifesting them into reality. “The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft,” by Rosemary Ellen Guilley, describes witchcraft as “…sorcery, the manipulation of supernatural forces through the casting of spells and conjuring or invoking of spirits.” To put into more simplified terms, it is using one’s will to create change in one’s life. To walk the path of the witch means to take responsibility for what is going on in and around you. What you believe is. Therefore, every thought, every wish, every word spoken is an act of magick. Continue reading “About Witchcraft Spells & Magic”