Spiritual Healing, Empowerment, Healing from Trauma and Spiritual Recovery: Voodoo Concepts

It may surprise you to know that Vodou is one of the most holistic and healing of spiritual traditions.  We turn to God the Divine Spirits for strength, insight, illumination, and clarity on any issues we are struggling with; all needed to begin the healing process for ourselves and those we serve on behalf of Spirit. We perceive all traumatic and painful experiences are indeed spiritual in nature and therefore, the solutions must include spiritual approaches and remedies.

Prayers, rituals and sacred space to commune with our spirits is a daily priority. This strengthens our connection, faith and attunement.  This also allows the Divine walk before us to help make any “crooked places” straight on our path.  Even during the darkest hours of our lives, and the most excruciatingly painful experiences, our faith comes before all to weather those storms.

Wounds often turn us toward spirit. We often say, “be grateful for those wounds that connect you to Spirit.”  We believe those life changing, heart wrenching and painful episodes of our lives are all by “design.”  They may have occurred to shine a spotlight in our life’s path, or teaching us lessons we must master, or to elevate and evolve our consciousness, or redirecting our path for something more aligned with our soul.  Whatever the overall reason is, we grow through these lessons as they are our greatest teachers, and simultaneously strengthen our connection to God and the Divine Spirits.

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Toxic Love, Abusive Relationships, Narcissistic Abuse, Emotional Abuse & Trauma: Voodoo Concepts

Toxic love, abusive relationships, shocking betrayals, deception, cruel mind-games and emotional manipulations; the favorite game played by dark, soulless and hollow predators, disguised in the human form.

In the Vodou, we very much believe there are dark, empty, sinister forces seeking to prey on whole, loving, empathetic souls.  They profess to offer “loving relationships,” “loving partnerships,” “marriages,” “soul mates,” or con you with every other romantic desire you may have.  While they are difficult to spot at first, these messages below help give you a solid guideline as to the red flags in their behavior, consistent with all these cruel and destructive energies.

These abusive entities do such an amazing job parading around as a “fine person” a “great catch” or so “vulnerable and safe.”  At first anyway; that is until their mask slips and you see they have no conscience.  Their only real skill is presenting themselves as exactly what you need, only to lure you into their web of abuse, deceit, manipulations and cruelty.  Once you are tangled up with these destructive energies, you are dragged down a rabbit hole of pain, despair, cognitive dissonance and shock, causing severe emotional and spiritual trauma.

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