Signs of Black Magic, Demons & Dark Ritual Attacks: A Comprehensive List

Black Magic, Demonic Energies, and the signs of Black Magic manifesting into your life.  Erzulie’s Voodoo is proud to offer this wonderful piece on the signs and symptoms of Black Magic. This article is a primer on Black Magic and the symptoms of Black Magic Rituals and Attacks, is for those who feel they may be afflicted by such dark energies and demonic ritual work.

♠ DETERMINING SIGNS OF BLACK MAGIC IN YOUR LIFEBlack Magic Spells, Black Magic Rituals, Demonic Forces, Dark Energies & Demons Affecting Your Life. Signs of Black Magic Spells and Dark Ritual Magic.

It can be very difficult to determine if someone is practicing black magic or casting dark spells on you or your family members. This is why an accurate consultation with expert practitioner is necessary before the symptoms become uncontrollable.

Many of the signs of supposed “witchcraft” or “black magic” can be easily explained by other causes, such as physical or psychological health issues.  However, in the Vodou religion, we perceive everything as spiritual in nature, including abnormal behavioral issues.

It is always possible someone has attacked you using Black Magic, Black Magical Spells, Crossing Rituals or Dark, Demonic energies have attached themselves to a person.  In fact, Black Magic Spells and low-level, dark, demonic energies are more common in our lives than we think.

If you suspect that someone is performing black magic or casting spells on you, or you have some dark energy or entity affecting your life it’s important to be aware of the following signs.

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11 Signs Of Spiritual Warfare in Your Love Relationships

Spiritual Warfare, Magical Attacks and Your Love Relationship.  Is Spiritual Warfare ruining your love relationship? Are you experiencing some toxic behaviors and mistreatment from your partner, spouse, or lover? Couples under spiritual attack or spiritual warfare start to experience arguments, misunderstandings, loss of sex drive, fatigue and many more signs of Spiritual Warfare.

Learn more about the top 11 Signs of Spiritual Warfare in your Love Relationship as listed by our experienced and initiated practitioners at Erzulie’s Voodoo of New Orleans.  We are always here to serve you in these painful matters of the heart. Continue reading “11 Signs Of Spiritual Warfare in Your Love Relationships”

10 Signs of a Curse: Are You Really Cursed, Hexed or Magically Attacked & How to BREAK A Curse!

Are you really cursed, hexed or magically attacked? How can you tell?  A primer on curses, hexes, and dark magical attacks and how to break these spiritual works by our practitioners at Erzulie’s Voodoo of New Orleans:  10 Signs of a Curse: Are You Really Cursed, Hexed or Magically Attacked and How to BREAK A Curse!  One harsh truth of life: bad things happen to good people.  Sometimes though, a series of terrible events occur for no logical reason.  When this happens, we try to figure out what we’ve done to deserve such misfortune, tragedy, bad luck, betrayals, or illness; especially bizarre, inexplicable ones.

We suddenly wonder, am I cursed? Am I under a magical or spiritual attack? Am I under dark Witchcraft Magic or Voodoo Spells?  In this article, we cover the top signs of a curse, how to tell if you’re truly cursed, and learn about how our highly experienced, initiated Vodou practitioners can break these dark energies, so you can reclaim power over your life. Continue reading “10 Signs of a Curse: Are You Really Cursed, Hexed or Magically Attacked & How to BREAK A Curse!”

Dark Forces, Evil Spirits, Dark Energies & Spirits of the Dead: Voodoo Concepts

Explore the mysterious world of Dark Forces, Evil Spirits, Dark Energies and the Spirits of the Dead from the Voodoo perspective.  Erzulie’s Voodoo created this page to help provide a resource for those struggling to understand why certain people and their energies have such a devastating effect on their lives.  And hopefully confirm, everything you suspect about that person is true and no, you are not going mad.

In the Vodou, we very much believe that dark, evil forces walk amongst us.  There are evil, dangerous, low-vibrational entities that appear in the human form and, monsters are real.  These energies often consist of the Spirits of the Dead, Spirits of Sorrow, Spirits of Suffering.  These dark forces and evil spirits bring to our world all the negative and toxic aspects within their energetic realm: addiction, rage, hate, deception, cruelty, abuse, jealousy, narcissism, manipulation, exploitation, covetousness, betrayal and destruction.

Sadly, many that are drawn to higher vibrational, loving souls are disguised as those who are supposed to love and protect you the most.  A parent, a lover, a spouse, our closest friends and co-workers.  Nothing is sacred when these empty, soulless, consumptive vessels want what you have.

We deal with the devastating effects these creatures have in our clients’ lives when spiritually connected to these dark, destructive and inhumane energies every day at Erzulie’s Voodoo.  If you feel you have encountered such a situation or need help in understanding what they are and, breaking free from their grip, or healing from their carnage, our experts offer outstanding spiritual counseling and powerful rituals for banishing those toxic connections to start the recovery process.

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Herbs of the Darker Arts

Discover the Darker Side of Magical Herbs & how to use them in Voodoo Spells, Love Spells, Witchcraft Spells & Herbal Ritual Magic!

Learn all about Herbal Magic and the darker side of Herbal Lore for use in Love Spells, Witchcraft Spells, Voodoo Spells and Casting Magical Spells with this excellent primer on herbal magic so graciously provided by the famed Lady Elaine, Kitchen Witch & Witchcraft Practitioner Extraordinaire!

To learn more about Herbs, Magical Herbs and Herbs used in Vodou Rituals, Voodoo Spells or Witchcraft Magic, click here to read more fascinating articles written by highly experienced, initiated Vodou Practitioners at Erzulie’s Voodoo. If you wish to learn more about the Vodou path and spiritual tradition, or have spiritual questions you would like to discuss with an expert, feel free to book a Spiritual Consultation with one of our highly experienced, caring and initiated Vodou practitioners at Erzulie’s Voodoo of New Orleans.

To learn more about what an initiated Vodou practitioner can bring into your spiritual work and magical rituals, read this helpful article about what our spiritual services can do for you. Please scroll down to see the entire Herbs of the Dark Arts Glossary in alphabetical orders for your convenience.  Alafia from all of us at Erzulie’s Voodoo in New Orleans.

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