Signs of Black Magic, Demons & Dark Ritual Attacks: A Comprehensive List

Black Magic, Demonic Energies, and the signs of Black Magic manifesting into your life.  Erzulie’s Voodoo is proud to offer this wonderful piece on the signs and symptoms of Black Magic. This article is a primer on Black Magic and the symptoms of Black Magic Rituals and Attacks, is for those who feel they may be afflicted by such dark energies and demonic ritual work.

♠ DETERMINING SIGNS OF BLACK MAGIC IN YOUR LIFEBlack Magic Spells, Black Magic Rituals, Demonic Forces, Dark Energies & Demons Affecting Your Life. Signs of Black Magic Spells and Dark Ritual Magic.

It can be very difficult to determine if someone is practicing black magic or casting dark spells on you or your family members. This is why an accurate consultation with expert practitioner is necessary before the symptoms become uncontrollable.

Many of the signs of supposed “witchcraft” or “black magic” can be easily explained by other causes, such as physical or psychological health issues.  However, in the Vodou religion, we perceive everything as spiritual in nature, including abnormal behavioral issues.

It is always possible someone has attacked you using Black Magic, Black Magical Spells, Crossing Rituals or Dark, Demonic energies have attached themselves to a person.  In fact, Black Magic Spells and low-level, dark, demonic energies are more common in our lives than we think.

If you suspect that someone is performing black magic or casting spells on you, or you have some dark energy or entity affecting your life it’s important to be aware of the following signs.

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