Jewel Encrusted Sacred Heart for Erzulie-Freda


Jewel Encrusted Sacred Heart Voodoo Altar Piece

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“Gemstone Encrusted Sacred Heart” ~ Sacred Vodou Altar Piece

Voodoo Altar Gemstone Skull is Designed and Handcrafted by Anna, Owner & Founder of Erzulie’s

The second in a series of exquisite, handcrafted jewel encrusted Vodou Altar pieces & obscure precious gemstone Vodou Fetishes exclusively at Erzulie’s! This unique, precious gemstone encrusted sacred heart was created, designed & handcrafted by the Root Queen personally, as inspired by the Lwa (Divine Vodou Spirits) and now available for sale.

This Gemstone Encrusted Sacred Heart Vodou Altar Piece uses rare, vintage playing cards and obscure tarot decks, decoupaged onto a large, heavy papier-mâché skull and encrusted exclusively with the finest, faceted VVS & AAA precious gemstones, handset into .925 Sterling Silver pronged settings including:

  •     Pink & Blue Diamonds ~ 67 TCTW
  •     Pink, Orange & Blue Sapphires ~ 75 TCTW
  •     Myanmar Red Rubies ~ 31 TCTW
  •     Pink & Blue Topaz ~ 32 TCTW
  •     Blue & Pink Tourmaline ~ 22 TCWT
  •     African Amethysts ~ 7 TCTW