Witchcraft Spells & Magical Baths ~ “Lucky Fortune” Witchcraft Prosperity Spells & Bath Ritual




Witchcraft Spells, Witchcraft Magic Spells ~ “Lucky Fortune” Witchcraft Magical Bath Rituals!  Demeter is the Ancient Greek Goddess of Prosperity, and perhaps the most “human” Goddess in the pantheon.  Call upon Demeter to assist with your success, prosperity, wealth and financial opportunities with this ritualized Witchcraft magical bath, complete with perfume anointing oils and hand blended bath salts made with Sweet Orange, Hemlock and Rosemary pure essential oils.

Instructions for this Magical Witchcraft Bath are posted in the main Witchcraft Magical Baths page ~ please refer to them as needed when using this magical bath ritual!  IN STORE ONLY AS AVAILABLE!

This bath ritual was crafted to honor Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture, Abundance, Success & Prosperity. Although she began as a goddess of agriculture, Demeter changes with our needs to bring us the success and abundance in all areas in this ever changing world of prosperous survival and is the perfect magical supplement to your Witchcraft Spells & Rituals Casted by our Witchcraft Priestess!