Spiritual Baths ~ “Banishing, Reverse & Uncross” 7-Day Voodoo Bath Ritual





Spiritual Baths, Magical Baths & Voodoo Ritual Baths for Banishing, Reversing & Uncrossing Spells & Magic!  Authentic Voodoo Banishing Spells & Magic Bath Rituals! Remove those destructive, harmful and damaging influences, people and environments from your life and send any negative ritual or spiritual work back to sender with this powerful Haitian Vodou Ritual Kit! Our “Banishing, Reverse & Uncross” Ritual Kit is a must have for reversing and uncrossing danger, negativity, enemies, destructive influences, spiritual work or harmful people from your life. Wash away any negative energy, obstacles, troubling situations or harmful influences with this fast-acting, powerful Voodoo “Banishing, Reverse & Uncross” Bath Ritual Kit!

Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo “Banishing, Reverse & Uncross” 7-day Ritual Bath arrives complete with intense and powerful uncrossing items including our organic 13-herb “Banishing” mixture, 7 oz. of our handmade “Cosmic Cleanse” organic goat’s milk soap, pure essential oil & herbal bath salts, hand-blended for removing negativity, 7-sticks of hand-dipped, resin “Jinx-Removing” incense, “Van-Van” bath wash and a blessed Black 7-Knob Voodoo “Banishing” candle, your troubles will quickly drain away with the bath water.

This “Banishing, Reverse & Uncross” Voodoo Ritual Bath is the perfect magical supplement to any Voodoo Uncrossing Spells & Rituals, Voodoo Remove This Obstacle Spells & Kits or Magical Voodoo Banishing Fetish! Erzulie’s Voodoo Bath Rituals are packaged in a beautiful, reusable, hand-stitched large black organza bag!