Psychic Chat Readings ~ Ancient Gypsy Psychic Readings via Online Chat Software (No Phone)





Psychic Chat Readings ~ Online Psychic Readings ~ Chat Psychic Readings ~Online Chat Psychic Readings ~ Live Chat Psychic Readings!  This online psychic chat reading is available Mon-Sun from 10am – 6pm EST (please coordinate with your time zone). These antique round-playing cards reveal the past, present and future outcome of your situation with astonishing accuracy. This ancient method of divination is unique to Erzulie’s as few posses this ability. There are several spreads available depending upon your inquiry and are specifically focused on your questions and approximately 15-20 minutes.

This deck will surprise you by revealing the reality and details of your situation; quite often, it is not what you think. Upon payment of your chat psychic reading, YOU MUST EMAIL to schedule your time! All chat psychic readings will be scheduled once we receive your email. Please be relaxed, calm & prepared with your questions prior to  your private Live Chat Psychic Reading. This psychic session last approximately 15-20 minutes.  THIS IS NOT A PHONE READING!

NOTE: Erzulie’s uses SKYPE/MSN CHAT or YAHOO CHAT software for all Online Psychic Readings! You will need to have either one to begin your online chat session.  Please make sure to add us to your friends list before the session. If you do not have them, please download it from either place and set up before your appointment time.

Please read our cancellation and no-show policies about our Psychic Reading Services BEFORE ordering on the FAQ Page and the Terms and Conditions Page . When you checkout, you will be legally agreeing to these policies with Erzulie’s, Inc.