Spiritual Bath Wash ~ “Cleansing & Healing” Vodou Spiritual Bath


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Baths and Vodou Bath Washes for spiritual healing, spiritual cleansing,
love drawing & prosperity, reversing and protection!


Spiritual Baths, Vodou Baths & Magical Vodou Baths & Floor Wash! Cleansing & Healing Vodou Bath Rituals & Floor Wash. We all accumulate negative energies each day and unless we spiritually cleanse regularly. This negativity sticks to us and builds up over time and, if too long a time, serious rituals will needed to realign your life. Spiritual blockage prevents or delays wonderful experiences & opportunities from entering our lives when they should, so cleansing is very important for your spiritual well-being. This powerful Vodou Cleansing & Healing Magical Bath is a great option for spiritual cleansing both self and home to maintain the balance in your life before it gets too misaligned.