Papa Legba Vodou Spirit Soap ~ Seasonal Only!

famed Organic Goats Milk soaps of the Lwa! These Vodou goats milk soaps
are hand-crafted using the finest, most organic ingredients,
essential oils, rare herbs, ritual powders and carefully blended
together in a creamy, potent and 8oz. bar of magical Vodou spiritual
soap. These are crafted seasonally only; if no price showing, it is not available through the website or mail order!


Goats Milk Soap and Organic Goats Milk Spiritual Soaps! Vodou Spirit Goats Milk Soaps for Road Opening & Opportunity! This handmade goats milk Voodoo soap is beautifully scented with pure essential oils enhanced with gorgeous black, red and gold swirls to represent the most powerful Lwa of all: Papa Legba! He opens and closes all doors from this world to the spirit world. He can open roads of opportunity, turn the wheel of fortune in your favor and remove obstacles from your path! Seasonal crafting only.