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Perfume Oils - Essential Oil Perfumes

Perfume Oils ~ Spiritual Perfume Oils ~ Perfume Anointing Oils ~ Spiritual Oils ~ Perfume Oil ~
Spiritual Elixirs ~ Exotic Perfume Oils ~ Exquisite Perfume Elixirs ~ “L’Art du Vodou Authentique ~Parfums Magiques” ~ Handcrafted Exclusively at Erzulie’s by the “Root Queen”

Perfume Oils, Spiritual Perfume Oils, Magical Perfume Elixirs & Exotic Perfume Unguents! Erzulie’s is thrilled to launch our NEW & REVAMPED exquisite “L’Art du Vodou ~ Parfums Magiques” Signature Perfume Oils Line – with even more exotic precious oils, imported Velo Glass Bottles & detailed foil labeling to enhance our Love, Prosperity, Intuition & Healing magical perfume anointing oils – How Divine!

Erzulie’s exclusive signature line L’Art du Vodou Parfums Magiques spiritual perfume oils, exquisite elixirs, magical anointing oils, perfume unguents & exotic perfume pastes are hand-blended using the finest, most precious pure Rose Ottos, Sacred Attars, Rare Absolutes, Pure Essential Oils & Aromatic Essential Oil Blends! Erzulie’s perfume grade precious oils are purveyed from master distillers around the world, using rare plants, flowers, herbs and roots renowned for their magical properties and exquisite scents.

As with everything at Erzulie’s, our exclusive L’Art du Vodou Parfums Magiques spiritual perfume oils, perfume pastes, magical elixirs & exotic unguents are based solely upon ancient magical formulary, authentic Vodou practices and handcrafted by the “Root Queen” herself to insure powerful results.

Perfume Oils ~ Spiritual Perfume Oils ~ Magical Perfume Elixirs
Since we do not mass produce our L’Art du Vodou Parfums Magiques, you will find these exquisite perfume oils, exotic perfume unguents, spiritual perfume oils and perfume pastes to be very powerful, far more aromatic, potent and longer lasting than most perfume oils available due to the precious oil concentration in our formulary. You will find other spiritual perfumes oils, perfume anointing oils, perfume unguents or perfume body butters aren’t comparable to those at Erzulie’s – especially with our NEW & REVAMPED L’Art du Vodou Parfums Magiques – very little goes a long way with the pure and natural quality of our perfume products.

Our superb, aromatic & proprietary perfume blends, crafted with the finest, most precious pure essential oils in the world and then properly ritualized & consecrated, set Erzulie’s L’Art du Vodou Parfums Magiques anointing oils apart from all others.

About our Spiritual Perfume Oils, Magical Elixirs & Perfume Anointing Oils
Due to the natural ingredients and purity of Erzulie’s proprietary perfume formulary, you will find a tiny amount is all you need with our “L’Art du Vodou Parfums Magiques” oils and exotic perfume pastes. We are renowned for having very high concentrations of pure essential oils in all of our perfume lines and suggest you keep your magical perfume oils, spiritual perfume oils and perfume oil elixirs in normal room temperatures to preserve their exquisite aromas.