Is Voudou, Voodoo, Vodou, Magic – Demonic, Bad, Evil…?

Personally, I have always found “Good, Bad and Evil” are concepts; usually determined by ones own perception. For example, is it bad that someone else got that job you wanted and you didn’t? To you I’m sure it seems “bad”, to the other person, I’m sure it seems “good”. Essentially, these are concepts that only apply depending upon your perspective.

As for Voodoo, Voudou, Vodou, Witchcraft & Ancient Religions, et al, I do want to address first, for people to please stop watching bogus Hollywood movies or TV specials that misrepresent these amazing, Earth-loving & spiritually reciprocal religions. The mass-media images of Voudou among many others are terribly misleading and completely inaccurate. All religions have entities with both benevolent and dark sides to their nature; in Voudou, each deity has different personas.

They are the same spirit in essence but from different Voudou “families” to provide the varying services required. For example, the Rada Family is the most benevolent while the Petro Family is one of the fiercest; our kits use the appropriate Lwa, depending upon your situation, to best serve you, without causing harm to others.

The same concepts hold true for just about every pantheon I know of, all spirits have duality to them depending upon what tasks they have to perform for you. This does not means we do not condone causing harm or seeking revenge on others; we always offer you a better way to resolve your situation. We do understand however, that you ultimately have free will and take no responsibility should you choose a more vengeful method in which to solve your problems.

I have found it’s never the “religion” or “spirits” that are bad or harmful, it is more the “religious” that misrepresent or abuse their power and knowledge on behalf of the Spirit World. I have also found a great deal of ignorance in understanding ancient paths and traditions especially in “modern” cultures, which are so very disconnected from spirituality. It is due to these fears of the unknown, ignorance of ancient paths and belief systems that religions like Voudou are portrayed deplorably and extremely inaccurate.

For example, every day we see the media coming to New Orleans to do a documentary on REAL Voudou, the authentic religion, they promise to portray the religion accurately, etc. After every single practitioner in New Orleans has spent endless amounts of time educating these slick producers for free, then they run their TV Shows or Films on nothing but Skulls, Human Sacrifices, Vampires, etc. which have nothing to do with Voodoo and completely discounting the religion, spirituality and the education they received on this religion – why you ask?

Because nothing sells better than “gore and glam”, and they exploit Voodoo, among many other traditions, to shock and titillate the public to glean viewers. More viewers mean they can sell more toothpaste and shampoo for their advertisers and quite frankly, they could care less about educating the public on any topic for that matter when they can make tons of money off airtime.

Simply stated, if you are basing your perceptions and knowledge on any topic, especially Voodoo or Ancient Religions from TV, Magazines or Films, with the exception of a few very legitimate media outlets (National Geographic for example), do not consider the information valid. Mass media is not a source of legitimate, intelligent information or research on any topic in all honesty.