Revenge Spells

Yet, another complicated topic among varying paths. I hear all the time Revenge Spells are BAD and this “law of three” rule will occur should you decide to defend yourself, etc. Again, I can only express my opinion on this topic.

I would like to start with this “Law of Three” concept. I personally do not believe in this “Law of Three” concept, especially for situations where people are TRULY trying to hurt or destroy you. From what I am to understand, your work will supposedly come back and kick you three fold for trying to protect and send back harmful, vile or evil works done against you.

I personally have never seen this in effect, nor do I believe it exists. I do believe that what you put out you will get back, especially if unjustified. I do not think protecting yourself from vile and horrid people and sending back their chaos is wrong, in fact, I adamantly believe you have the God given right to defend, protect and repel such people from your lives and this is how a Revenge Spell takes affect actually. It sends back the work and energies to the person who sent them to you in the first place. How that manifests is up to the Lwa & Spirit, but you have every right to request this be carried out to protect you, your livelihood, your children, etc.

Keep in mind, I DO NOT believe Spirit is always fixated on you, nor always catches nasty work or intentions being sent your way. Sometimes, they have to allow things for you to learn and evolve from, sometimes they need to know what is happening as well to best intervene and resolve the situation.

Essentially, sometimes people are the instrument of their own karma – if they gave unjustifiably in your mind gave harm to you, you have to right to send it back to them. I do not see any Karmic issues there in my opinion; I do know many disagree with me and that is fine too; you MUST GO WITH WHAT FEELS BEST FOR YOU!

Also, when conducting any magical ritual, you are always giving up something to affect this change and incur expense: spiritually, emotionally and possibly karmically. There IS ALWAYS a cost, it may not be seen today, you may not know where Spirit is drawing from to affect this change for you or where they may be pulling it from down the road, but there is always a spiritual cost involved for any type of work.

We always say be very careful what you wish for, not only will you get it, but you may find out the cost taken out of somewhere else in your life was too great for the outcome; you may be averted from that job opportunity because you put all of your energies into something else or you may have missed the perfect situation with a partner because you were too focused on fixing the last mate and your relationship issues, etc. These are just some conceptual examples of course on a very complicated topic of the principles of spiritual intervention.