How Do Our Products Work?

This is a very common question from customers, how exactly does applying this elixir or using this fetish, etc. actually work for me? There are a few levels to this actually! First, all Authentic Voodoo or Spiritual products, the most powerful ones anyway, are hand-crafted; essentially, this is so the “ache” or “ashe” (pronounced Ah-shay – “life force”) OR “fos” (force in Kreyòl) of the practitioner is infused into each and every item during the crafting process.

Every practitioner is essentially “claimed” by certain Lwa or Spirits and through ritualizing each product after they are handcrafted, it draws the energy and spiritual power from the Lwa that either “sit on the head of the practitioner” and/or the Lwa & Spirits they are ritualizing the spiritual items for, thereby giving you the benefit of their power and assistance.

Some are spiritual energies are more intense than others and our products are known to be very high-energy and intense so don’t be thwarted by the energy you feel; that type of energy will only benefit you in your ritual.

Also, since Voodoo is an animate religion, we believe everything has Ache (a Life Force), therefore, since there are magical life forces in every thing, using the most organic elements such as roots, herbs, plants, sand, stones, water, precious oils, etc. bring forth their magical energies into your ritual or spiritual work. We know certain elements vibrate on different frequencies if you will, to affect specific changes in your life which is why authentic formulary and elements are so crucial to effective spiritual products.

Also, the quality of these ingredients and elements that go into our products make an enormous difference. We only use the finest organic herbs, roots, plants, rare and precious 100% pure essential oils, ottos, attars and absolutes, hand-pressed ritual powders, hand-brewed and hand-blended elixirs, anointing oils & potions to insure great results for you. We carefully craft each and every item by hand at Erzulie’s and every practitioner showcased on our site subscribes to that same philosophy.