Miscellaneous Silly Questions (Which Will NOT Be Responded to)

  • No, we cannot help you win the lottery or make you millions overnight – you must help yourself in order to be successful, there are no quick shortcuts to a success; we can however, help you open up doors of opportunities with certain money products.
  • No, we cannot help you walk on water; become invisible, fly on a broomstick, light people on fire by looking at them, summon vampires, make you taller, shorter, skinnier, change your eye, hair or skin color, reverse your age or anything else equally as ridiculous.
  • No, we cannot guarantee you will become a movie star, marry a movie star, become famous, or the president, or anything else you desire that is purely ego driven.
  • No, we cannot insure you will become pregnant, marry someone who doesn’t love you, separate a family because you LUST AFTER a particular married person.
  • No, we cannot turn someone who is gay into someone straight, make you a Don Juan or a Femme Fatale, or anything else as equally unrealistic. Certain products we carry will certainly enhance your attractiveness to certain people and can make you more desirable to certain people, but you must be reasonable in your expectations.

We are here to help with legitimate life problems, please do not disrespect our beliefs by asking me to help you with the ridiculous concepts you see on TV, in the movie theaters, or in comic books about supernatural powers. An invisible world certainly exists parallel to ours of course, but not for impressing people with parlor tricks, only to help people in difficult situations.