Are Love Spells Manipulative?

Another touchy area among practitioners and one of great debate! Are you impeding upon someone’s free will? Are you being manipulative, etc? All I can reveal is my personal opinion on this topic, everyone is entitled to their belief and you must go with what feels true and correct for you on this topic.

The first thing I would like to address is the “manipulative” question I get from so many other practitioners of traditions other than Voodoo. They ask this question about the Bring Me Love Spell Kit & especially, the Bring My Lover Back Spell Kit. They are usually highly critical or judgmental that I offer such ritual kits, not understanding of course, the premise of which they will work. Ironically, they of course ask me all about this manipulative aspect in drawing love or repairing love while dressed head to toe in corsets with push up bras, lacy, flowing seductive dresses, full face of make-up, dyed blond hair, smelling great, shaved legs, breast augmentations, liposuction and the full glamour presentation – hmmm, that’s a bit manipulative too though isn’t it?

You are artificially looking your very best through cosmetic manipulations on every level to do what I ask????? Attract people! When I point that out to them, they usually stop with their opining on manipulative tactics as they realize they are hypocrites and being quite misleading about how they truly look, smell and how nature created their body all to look like this ideal person to attract a mate, attention or, LOVE!!!!!

So, in my opinion, I do not find love spells manipulative any more than I find trying to appear as your very best manipulative. What wrong with trying to draw a special someone into your life to spend time with? What’s wrong with wanting to give and receive love? Love Spells are terrific to help bring the right people to you, especially for those who are shy, timid, have been hurt or afraid to try again.

Nor I do not view trying to remedy a rough patch, or working out a difficult situation between 2 people who love each other as manipulative. Many times, people separate for inconsequential reasons: their egos may get in the way, they may be stubborn, afraid of these intense emotions, scared of being rejected so they leave first, etc.

If you are the recipient of such behavior with your loved one, why shouldn’t you try to repair the relationship? Ritual work is very effective in allowing a partner see what they have with you and make them open to building upon that love. I know there are those who believe it is morally wrong to try to bring back a lover; they feel it infringes upon their free will, etc.

If it does infringe upon their free will, or their Karmic path, or they are so past you in their lives, the RITUALS WILL NOT WORK ANYWAY. I say, why should we be helpless and suffer with the loss of a loved one when indeed, we have to power, through the help of the Lwa and Spirit, to try and remedy it?