I’ve Been Cursed or Hexed, What Can I Do?

I often receive emails from people absolutely convinced they are the victim of evil spiritual work, cursing, hexing and this is why nothing works out in their lives. Although, there are cases of highly skilled practitioners who can send very dark, negative and harmful spirits towards you to impede your life, we have found most often, you are your very own “demon”. It is much easier to blame the “invisible” versus your poor choices and lack of personal responsibility in the matter.

Rarely, is it a “demon” that makes you spend all of your money and not pay the mortgage until you are homeless, forces you to not find a job even though you desperately need the income, drink excessively, abuse drugs with the grocery money, hurt, harm or abuse your partner until they leave you, then stalk them because you can’t understand why they want nothing to do with you, place your desperate need for any mate ahead of your children to the point your innocent children are in danger by this mate and taken away from you, which you cannot understand why, etc. I can name millions of poor choices that led many people to their demise and none of which, were caused by any spiritual entity.

These really are the fault of the humans and their lack of personal responsibility, discipline and awareness of their behavior towards others and we are all guilty of this. I bring these few examples to illustrate how often we are our own worst enemy. To blame spirits for your dangerous choices is just another example of your refusal to accept responsibility in any devastating outcome and usually indicative as to how you live your life – blameless and the victim. For those who perpetually need to be a victim, you will chronically manifest terrible situations to remain the perpetual victim.

I am often emailed by people who are panicked because they are told by “qualified mystics” on psychic hotlines or some carnival they are cursed, hexed or will have extreme bad luck if they do not pay these “spiritual masters” thousands of dollars to lift this curse. First, this psychologically creates the reality of being cursed, second, this gives some people an excuse for their horrible choices, and third, this is oldest scam in the book: terrorize people to bilk them out of their money by planting fears in their psyche.

With that being said, we do recognize negative spiritual energies, hexes, curses and horrible ritual work directed at others to destroy their lives. Now, for those who truly have serious situations of work being done against them, where everything is unraveling, severe illnesses, severe accidents, unforeseen obstacles broad-siding you and causing your life to spiral out of control when their were previous balanced, and are seeking our assistance to resolve your situation, we require the scheduling of a spiritual consultation to determine what forces are at work before recommending any spiritual work or remedies.